Kawasaki   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I am a 55 year old Male and my avatar is Ainsley Harriot. It's unreal how many times I get asked who the person in my avatar is!

Favourite TV series: Hustle and The Office (US)

If I have deleted you then it is because I did not recognise your name and was clearing my friends list. Feel free to re-add me.

Dwight: I tell you what, you mail me 40 of your most sinister plans, and I'll read them over and tell you what I think of them.

Jim: Sure, in fact I'll mail you a 100!

Dwight: Okay then, I'll tell you what, you write down a 100 of your most sinister ideas, edit it down to your top 40, then mail them me and I will get back to you.

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Kawa wawa, are you still there?
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dammit I keep missing you

and steam is still derping
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+rep nice prices and fast trader
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I Am sorry but i have to unfriend you.....nothing personal......just for space........ refriend me or leave comment on my profile if you want to friend me