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Will   Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
3D Games Artist


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Mirror mirror on the wall,
Tell me mirror, what is wrong?
Can it be my De La Clothes,
Or is it just my De La Soul?
What I do ain't make-believe,
People say I sit and try,
But when it comes to being De La,
It's just me myself and I.
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RTK | I3_O_S_S Mar 12, 2018 @ 1:43am 
you gave up on arena already ? :o
RTK ❤ Kav Jan 30, 2018 @ 9:44am 
Yeah bro. It is time :D
RTK | I3_O_S_S Jan 29, 2018 @ 8:05pm 
Arena time?
Weresha Jan 26, 2018 @ 12:07pm 
Legendary shogun player ^^
RTK | I3_O_S_S Jan 25, 2018 @ 6:36pm 
man you are so hawt
RTK | I3_O_S_S Oct 31, 2017 @ 6:24pm 
we need to do 2v2s .. I think its time we became partners again.. and kidman..if you read this.. well.. ♥♥♥♥ you <3