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I still work on various projects from time to time, but I've slowed down more lately to just chill out, focus on my job as a web developer, and play games.

Currently, my more recent notable works have been Mann Brothers Theatre Shorts, and Rainbow Smashed. I have also done some choreography work for Black Mesa.

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I've spent under two hours in this game, but I'm leaving my review straight away because one thing's for sure: This game deserves far more attention.

The Groundhog Day concept in a video game is always something that's deserved a bit more exploration, and so far The Sexy Brutale executes on it in an excellent manner, with a very unique art style of its characters, very inventive level design, and just the right amount of information revealed over time to keep you interested.

Even after completing goals around each of the guests, I find myself eagerly rewinding to piece together parts of their day and conversations I had missed, and seeing their presence in all these different places, whispering to themselves in ways only my "Super Hearing" ability can pick up, offers an impressive amount of life to them.

While "You can miss a lot of things" is a pretty common field of game design now, the developers are good at knowing how to keep it from being busywork. Important information that could be easy to forget is marked on your map (eg "You now have the security codes to these three security cameras") as well as the known positions-per-time of each guest. The most the game will do to point out an objective is to give you a general idea of where to now explore, in the style of the new Zelda.

As I said, I'm still early in the game, and it's reported to be a slightly short game which is fine by me. The title may cause some people to raise an eyebrow, but this is a very unique and well-presented package.

EDIT: Ending comments sans-spoilers - This game is like the next Spec Ops: The Line for me in terms of literary value. I'd love to get a "book club" of people together and have them play the game together in one week, and then have them discuss "So what did X represent?" I probably would not have appreciated the ending much if people had just summarized it in a few sentences for me ("What? So....That's dumb!") but it's very well-presented, and ends up casting a whole new reflection on all the various seemingly unconnected elements of the game. I'd really recommend it for people who like great stories in games, albeit short ones.
Sn1pe Jun 11, 2016 @ 7:29am 
Phelyne May 7, 2016 @ 2:08pm 
Hello~! I've added you because I am the 3rd place in the contest you had on your Soul-Starer contest, (And damn it took me ages to notice.)
I typed in my email address 1 letter wrong! :fscared: And I have several ways to prove that I am the legitemate creator of that Soul-Starer.

Even if the prize is gone ages ago, I'd like to say that your website is absoloutely amazing. Great job on coming up with that idea. :fhappy:

Have a nice day~ And please accept my friend request? :3
MR LEGO Oct 31, 2015 @ 8:10pm 
thx for the game!!!!
Sn1pe Jul 2, 2015 @ 2:25am 
When is Black Mesa: Source being released :trolling:
Mr. Herman Mar 6, 2015 @ 8:06pm 
You're the reason people quit playing certain games. Because you're bad and don't listen.
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