Landais Andy   Bretagne, France
Rocket League Player For Top Blokes Alongside Flame and Archie :)
If you want a sign you can get one through my twitch channel with 5k Kasscoin ;)
https://www.twitch.tv/kassio_rl :Page:
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kaos Sep 24 @ 5:59pm 
can i please get a sign? <3 i love your playstyle
OhLWDZ Sep 14 @ 4:40pm 
Could i get a sign from a legend like you? would mean alot :) Have a great day!
BrucLee. Sep 14 @ 7:19am 
Sign Me Bro <3
Loxman Sep 9 @ 9:47am 
big fan <3 can you pls sign my profile?
pelii. Sep 2 @ 5:52am 
can you sign me plss?? :D