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Short summary of my lovely VAC bans.
I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING, GAMES SHOULD BE PLAYED FAIR BY NOT RUINING THE FUN FOR OTHERS. I question myself every time if i should make a new account or not, but i decided not to. The negative consequences of this decision is that people will always accuse you of cheating no matter what. I chose not care because who doesn't love listening people that are wrong about you? I don't even consider myself a good player. It really amazes me how there are people out there playing worse than you that are suspecting you of cheating. So yes, if you are one of these people reading this then bravo i guess.


x (2016) Game ban in Unturned — I really enjoyed playing Unturned before and it was really pointless for me to even try to cheat in this game. Before, Unturned was really vulnerable to cheaters, so i decided to try it out as well out of curiosity. That was a dumb decision but the most stupidest decision that i made was running an outdated tool that immediately gave me a VAC ban. This shows how much I did not care before, I wasn't even aware that VAC bans where a thing.

x (2018) Game ban in Arma 3 — For using a DLC Unlocker. The game had a lot of DLC's that should have been already included in the game. Not owning these DLC's will give you a disadvantage in multiplayer servers where Ads would appear on your screen blocking your vision which really was annoying if you where in combat. I already paid for some DLC's but I wasn't looking forward to buy more soon. I did not expect receiving a game ban for this. R.I.P. It was my favorite game :(

I know it's not necessary to explain all this, it's just for those who are curious of why I have 2 game bans.

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ПΛGΛSΛKI Aug 28 @ 4:53pm 
pro player, good boy.
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Yo kasper can you accept my friends request please