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kevin supermarket 13 hours ago 
thanks for all the memories! we'd love to hear from you again some day!
Whomobile Oct 15 @ 7:59am 
Hope you're doing ok
Sensuka Aug 17 @ 6:29pm 
You may or may not read this but I will comment anyway.

I will never forget the memories i've spent watching your content.
You really did put a smile on our faces. Bon voyage and best of luck in your future endeavours! Continue pursuing your dreams.
SirHootsalot Aug 4 @ 5:12pm 
you were the Santa clause of custom weapons. you will be missed
Diamond jozu Aug 1 @ 8:06am 
oh yea,he is doing well mentally and physically. i do keep in touch with him often. last i communicated with him was yesterday. he's doing good :heartg:
swordsmachine Aug 1 @ 7:07am 
Also, this may or may not be true but I think karma is doing quite fine. He is doing well mentally. I wish him the best of luck!