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Now don't close your eyes and don't try to hide...

Anything you need to know about me will be in that box down there, so do me a favor and read it, mkay?
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The Bare Necessities (Important Stuff)
:tdealwithit: Who Am I? :tdealwithit:

-Age: 25
- Aliento's Micspam Kingdom Moderator
-NeonHeights Administrator and G Donor
-NeonHeights Discord Administrator
-Medic main
-Creator of stupid sound mods
-Languages I can understand/speak a sizable amount: English, Deutsch, 日本語
-Historian, wit, bon viveur, and part time radiator <| ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°|>

:tdealwithit: Policies *IMPORTANT* :tdealwithit:

-If you need to add me for whatever reason, LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR REASON . If you add me, I will check both my profile and whatever trade websites I'm using to verify your identity. No comment, no add (maybe a block!)

*EXCEPTION* If we have met and talked in game and actually talked quite a bit, I will accept invites at my discretion. I keep my friends list limited to people I actually play or talk somewhat often with, so don't be offended if you're adding me from a pub game and I decline.

-I have no interest in dealing with marked scammers or their bullshit. Any such users attempting to add me will be blocked!

- I do not accept adds from unknown private profiles for any reason!

-Unless you see me openly advertising a trade, my items are not for sale. Not interested in your random trades.

-I do not follow links unless they are from a reputable site. If you post an unrecognized URL in either my comments or in chat without any follow up explanation, you will be blocked and reported to Valve. No exceptions .

-If you're going to be abusive, I'll just block you. I have no need to waste my time with belligerent people.

-If you're going to get overly salty over voice and chat, I'll be sure to have some extra special fun with you. :smug:

:tdealwithit: Rep/Other ID Info :tdealwithit:

My Rep.tf page can be found HERE [rep.tf]. Rep.tf cross checks multiple sites and server communities at once, including SteamRep, Backpack.tf, and Outpost among others. Note that one can have a clean SteamRep despite being banned from other places for engaging in illicit activities, so be sure to check other rep sources to make sure you're dealing with a legitimate person!

Compare info with any profile claiming to be me. Things to note:

-I have a Level 40 profile.
-I do not have any alternate or storage accounts.
-My profile and inventory are public and always will be.
-My custom URL is KaosPhD.

:tdealwithit: Why is your avatar a purple dragon? :tdealwithit:

Because fuck you, he's awesome, and I'd suggest you not have a problem with it. :smug:

If you want a legitimate answer:
Fairly obscure character Is fairly obscure Given that he's Minimally used outside of Epcot at Walt Disney World , so he's Not very well known To a lot of people.
Favorite Group
NeonHeight's Servers - Public Group
The original servers that started the trade_minecraft_neon map! We run HLDJ enabled Trade servers to hang out in, 24/7.
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