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Braeden   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The Awesome Panda bear : Kaos is no. 1
Let's game gamers 腐敗

johnraul83 : fuck you chaos
johnraul83 : you peace of shit with three big tittys]w
johnraul83 : you peace of shit

Sir Super wizard : kao go fuck ur slef

Overlord Super wizard : nigga sex

▸ nightlight : u cant
▸ nightlight : double pentrate me
▸ nightlight : like that

DemoGhost : i just find it funny that you have to quote your friends to have a decent profile

zombi memes:

zombi: pls kms but ur self

zombi : i eat my self out

zombi : 12 year old girls are way to old for sex

zombi : i sleep over
zombi : i can fuk all night

• ▬▬▬▬ Mean People ▬▬▬▬ •

Raguss : pyro requires no skill its just point and clic and hold so change class pyro

the fucking real one : its a tryhard class it doenst require skill
the fucking real one : kaos is tryhar

*DEAD* Box | Trade.tf : omg kaos
*DEAD* Box | Trade.tf : can u not be tryhard zombi

Coffee ♥. : 1v1 plz dont cc
Coffee ♥. died to a rocket travelling 52 mph
Coffee ♥. : wow, fuck off kaos u nub
Player Coffee ♥. left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* DMdevil : fuck you cunt
garapatamo10 : hey kaos piss off
*DEAD* MrBluuy : Lol cunt
BumsGalore : fuck u kaos
BumsGalore : Fuck off kaos
BumsGalore : fucking fuck off kaos
CeNoEvil : fuck off kaos you sweaty cunt
Assassin (<3 Skwigi)Defender : kaos u wanker
kay kay </3: can you shut the fuck up
Crossed ツ : kaos u are a twatmunching mingebag wanker
AcerSwift : fuck off
scoutin : kaos is a noob who cant snipe
Me? : i hate u kaos
Me? : fuk u kaos

• ▬▬▬▬▬ Nice People ▬▬▬▬▬ •

rainbow lemon.dB : god you're hot kaos

Bonk_Boy.exe: you're a fucking sick cunt, kaos

shab : ur a loser

munch: how do i suck ur dick
๖Kaos: yes
munch: fml

10:52 AM - rae <3: im dont speak
10:52 AM - rae <3: i sorry

*DEAD* Huffy : Can't tell if sucking dick or making popcorn

Primal: u remind me of the womens voice from Trapped the tv show

Brendan <3: You are like aids in a blanket
๖Kaos: I thought that's how u liked me

• ▬▬▬▬▬ The Rest... ▬▬▬▬▬ •

It's fine, pony is perfect <3 : who do i need to hoofjob to get heals around here

[ADMIN] Mexi : Wait I don't a shit

shab : piss on me and call me daddy, but keep your feet away

shab : im not sayin no to free ass

Sammi <3 : kaos's breasticles are gianormous

Sammi <3 : i got a big butt

Sammi <3: pale ass ho
Sammi <3: you're stuck with me

11:20 PM - Kaos: salad
11:20 PM - Bonk_Boy.exe: salad*

✿ᴰʀᴬɢᴼɴ✿: thats ratchet

Fantasy_Man : Why u kill me and im playing and u not?!

๖Kaos : hey fantasy man, does this quote seem familiar to you?
๖Kaos : Fantasy_Man : Why u kill me and im playing and u not?!
Fantasy_Man : hey um is that some where or where u dar dat day

♛hussy♛ : the wrinkles on my balls r still wet

Bonk_Boy.exe: it is opinions
Bonk_Boy.exe: they are called opinions

swish : Bonk and Kaos
swish : can u
swish : remove the binds

▸ Lionheart Splinxy : im not cool im actually lame in here and irl

[420] Super wizard : kao is an fucking allhole that came in 1 mph

๖Chevycrysis: LOL
๖Chevycrysis: Smsu
๖Chevycrysis: Smusm
๖Chevycrysis: Smu
๖Chevycrysis: Rf
๖Chevycrysis: I m fony
๖Chevycrysis: I am chvo nd ui am a lil bot tipsy
๖Chevycrysis: LOL
๖Chevycrysis: I m gota gi
๖Chevycrysis: Th e cemals lose
๖Chevycrysis: :^
๖Chevycrysis: HE HS NI MOTH
๖Chevycrysis: LMAO
๖Chevycrysis: Fk me
๖Chevycrysis: I am to bed
๖Chevycrysis: Slepslepslep
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I'm better than u at it :B3:

Current Tours Completed: 80
Total Australium Drops: 4
      Tour 6 (Wrench)
      Tour 52 (Flame Thrower)
      Tour 72 (Black Box)
      Tour 75 (Medi-Gun)

Main: Demo
Demo Rank: Esquire IV (Rank ~295 Global, Rank ~40 Aus)
Soldier Rank: Jester III (Rank ~1641 Global, Rank ~1877 Aus)
*needs updating*

Rocket League:
Level: 61
Around Diamond 2
Stats: https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/KaosFMK

probs wont update its a shit game

Last Updated: 14/09/17 27/04/18 there ya go

Also bonk you're a gay piece of shit

more binds:

dmswo : 대가리에 SEX에 없냐? ㅗ
Doctor : are you actually that dick? you make me sick.... dont talk and play...
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kaos gaming Jul 17 @ 2:12pm 
I only stream on yt sorry its a FAR better platform for streaming subscirbe to me @ kaosgamingTF2
Meti ♥ Jul 17 @ 4:21am 
Like streaming?
jasmine Jul 17 @ 4:14am 
Side affects of twitching are constant involuntary movements of the body
Meti ♥ Jul 17 @ 1:41am 
You have YouTube video, why don’t you twitch
kaos gaming Jul 17 @ 1:40am 
Hello I am reg Jul 17 @ 12:07am 
yes hi Kaos Gaming im a big fan of ur youtube videos!
keep it up!