Gabriel   United States
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My real name is Gabriel, My ign is Name.
Ban is for toxicity got banned 1 too many times
Games That I Play Often
Gmod, GTA5, Factorio, Forts

If you need anything; Add me although it might take some time I'm usually busy
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Loyal RL (Youtube) 16 stycznia o 15:13 
+rep quick and fair trader :cutefox:
Trump 2016 8 maja 2019 o 2:25 
Ok, so hear me out. In the Phineas and Ferb movie they create a dimensional portal device that sets off the whole movie and they have also created some of the most powerful superweapons known to man. Phineas and Ferb would obviously be able to murder thanos with absolute ease using the arsenal of deadly weapons that give them the power of every single avenger combined, such as a off brand Ironman suit or a potion that is so potent it caused the entire universe to be enlarged. They have even made 2 fighting mechs out of a treehouse that are the size of a building. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk