:seriousboss: Я простой одно король:seriousboss:

mw2 bann :C

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Perun May 10 @ 11:48am 
i'm glad you get ban i was waiting for it :) so long sucker
Kamui Mar 1 @ 1:47am 
danke nur so halt
fantaᛋy Feb 29 @ 12:48pm 
3 stück wieso? aber deine ist auch schick
Kamui Feb 17 @ 11:40am 
thanks cele but bro without my good teammates like u isn't that possible so thanks <3
Celerious Feb 17 @ 11:08am 
+rep legit global and legit bo2 boss
Purple Feb 16 @ 9:46am 
+Rep gud guy