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Originally posted by Voodooman:
Anyone knows or have skill and time ot make a texture editor both for PS2 and PC version so we can dump original PS2 texture and redo this shity upscalled texture from remaster much better way and import them back to pc with same files names and folder structure (i mean without messing with hash names of run-time texture dumps and reinjection) ?
The PS2 textures won't be giving you any benefits over the textures that ship with the game. They did Waifu the hell out of these textures, but... half of them are losslessly compressed (down to 256 colors, granted).

I may add a feature to Special K to handle paletted textures in D3D11. That's the only way to make UI mods practical.

What I'd be most interested in is if anyone could bump the resolution of the dUdV environment-mapped bump map textures up. Those are new for the PS4 / PC re-release of the game and they'd have a bit more visual impact if they were touched up. Way more than touching the original diffuse textures would.
So.... if I'm reading this correctly, the problem's solved? :P

0.9.x has moved out of the beta phase, the latest version is I haven't tested it with this game yet, but if anything compatibility should get even better.
They are NOT obligated to disclose third-party license agreements prior to sale. I've done enough digging into the process of actually selling software on Steam to know how the storefront works and that there's one slot (optional) for anything that alters or replaces Steamworks DRM.

There are multiple slots for generic end user license agreements, but guess what? They're ALL optional. The publisher populates these fields merely as a convenience for the end-user, they have zero responsibility to spell out the license prior to purchase -- same as a game bought in a retail store.
Originally posted by EnclosureHD:
Originally posted by Seraphna:

Read the second definition. It carries the implication of happening sooner, earlier than expected, etc. Attempting to claim you're using "already" in a fashion no native speaker of the language would actually use it in, while trying to tell the person that their native langauge isn't their own is kind of sad.

Considering this is EnclosureHD we're talking about, a toxic troll who already has a track record of being less than honest about anything he says, perhaps you shouldn't be trying to imply anything for him here. See his response to me for complete justification of my words.

You didn't know this, but assumptions can be amazingly insulting. For instance: maybe don't tell someone with a Masters in English that they don't know their own language when you're unable to completely read through a dictionary definition. Or understand how a dictionary works, apparently. Dictionaries list multiple meanings or definitions, but if they fall under the same role they tend to go hand in hand. "Already" does just mean "bu this or that time", but implies an event that happens sooner than expected, or earlier than one should expect.

Which is why I asked why "always" suddenly meant "over 3 months", that's far, far longer than anyone would expect considering people keep trying to imply that Denuvo gets cracked at a fast pace. Ironically this three month crack happened 3 months after someone who cracks Denuvo a lot said they expected that crack times would continue to happen quicker and quicker. A change from 3 days to 3 months is not quicker, no matter how you try to stretch it. It heavily implies that Denuvo is actually winning out with their method now.

I'd be happy to see that proven wrong, but I believe in being realistic instead of idealistic when trying to convey facts.

And no, a crack is a method which completely removes or disables the DRM, a workaround simple circumvents it even though the process remains active.Currently the best they can do, after months of work, is create a wrapper that tells Denuvo that the check works every time it makes it. Meaning Denuvo is still fully active on the product, so people who claim they don't want to use it because they believe the DRM slows their machine are not helped by this method.

LMFAO!! You know that a crack or a bypass is the same right?

ITS A modification of an application binary to cause or prevent a specific key branch in the program's execution. AKA reverse engineering.
And i am the troll here.. I dont get why but i already blocked you twice. Might do a 3rd time.
No, not AKA reverse engineering.

Reversing is figuring out how something works, it's an important first step, but stuff like the IBM PC BIOS makes it very clear that the law considers them distinct. Knowledge gained through reverse engineering, if put to application by a third-party side-skirts all sorts of issues related to copyright infringement and patent law...

More to the point, however... just because you KNOW how something works doesn't mean you're capable of applying what you know to do anything useful.
Originally posted by Merciful:
I have already pre-ordered on GMG, but if denuvo is confirmed will cancel pre-order.

23 hours ago
Special K employs texture caching for all injected textures, by the way.

The initial load of a modified texture takes longer than normal, but all future re-loads are instant. Most games are constnatly reloading the same textures over and over, and the cache prevents those reloads from reading the modified texture from disk.

Caching helps a little even without texture mods, but its primary reason for existing in Special K is to remove as many penalties for loading modified textures as possible.
Feb 17 @ 2:25pm
In topic Windows 7 x64 ?
Is that why Service Pack 2 doesn't exist and all important updates are optional?

The minimum set of stuff you need to safely run Windows 7 requires hours and hours of digging because Microsoft doesn't actually support their product at this point. They want it to die just as much as developers forced to use it want it to die. It's going to happen eventually, but until then I'll keep giving Windows 7 the middle finger.
Just so you're aware, the 0.9.0 codebase of Special K was having trouble with probably 2/3 of this game's textures. It would completely miss them depending on any third-party software. is the first version that is completely compatible with FFXII, and should be used if you distribute texture mods using it.

Unfortunately many of the UI textures are still 8-bit paletted textures and I don't have support for those at the moment.
Feb 17 @ 10:38am
In topic Windows 7 x64 ?
Originally posted by aaronth07:
If the game supports Windows 10, it should support all other Windows versions that are currently supported by Microsoft.
So, basically WIndows 8.1 and 10.

Windows 7 isn't supported anymore, they stopped making service packs years ago and have let the OS fester into the horrid abomination that it is now. <em>Grabs a pitch fork
Keep disabling third-party software until you find the culprit
Feb 12 @ 6:55am
In topic No sound, but only in FFX
This discussion is related to my mod for this game.

If you don't have dxgi.ini, then you don't have my mod installed and your problem is unfortunately caused by something else.
Feb 10 @ 9:46pm
In topic No 4K HDR Support on PC?
Every statement has been wrong according to you. This is why you need a babysitter.

You go around trolling the forums with wrong ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t and then telling those who actually work in this industry and would be happy to have a civil discussion with you, all about how they're idiots.

Shining example of the worst of the worst when it comes to PC gaming :-\ A complete know-nothing blowhard who will not listen to those who actually do this stuff for a living.
The mod doesn't support Intel GPUs (well, it does, it just doesn't support changing from Intel to NVIDIA while the game is running).

You need to fix your driver so that it runs on the 960M at all times.
Feb 10 @ 2:27pm
In topic No 4K HDR Support on PC?
Originally posted by PervySage:
Originally posted by Nikorasu:
You are the one who caused this war with your smart remark "You should buy Bandai Namco the monitors that don't even exist yet in order to support this if it's that big a deal to you" That sounds like a smart aleck response to me. That's no different then saying "Oh well if you want 21:9 than buy some for the developers" It's not any customers responsebility to provide the necessary hardware for developers. PC is suppose to be the ultimate platform for gaming, HDR should be a must. It makes no sense for multiplatform games on console to not have the same feature on PC. Just look at Assassins Creed Unity it has HDR on XBOX ONE X but not PC. When developers do this shi* they cripple the experience. Again, what ever to happen to PC being the masterrace?
Kaldaien is not on the same page as you. I can tell you have much more love for the PC platform, and I agree there isn't any reason HDR shouldn't be on the PC version. PC Master Race. PC Master Race!!!!! Don't get me wrong I have a PS4 Pro and can get the game on it but i won't be getting full 4K. PS4 PRO = HDR, PC = full 4K and higher frame rate.
Definitely, I have much more love for this platform. That's why I'm a developer of PC graphics engines.

This other guy's a console peasant to borrow his own terminology.

Now if you two have had enough fun trolling the forums at this point, I'm going to unsubscribe. I have better things to do than babysit you two.
Feb 10 @ 12:20pm
In topic No 4K HDR Support on PC?
Originally posted by Tale:
Well, to be fair, there are 4K monitors and there are HDR monitors out there already. Just not both feature on one single monitor. Yet.

That being said, "4k support" will likely be in. Doesn't make sense for them to scale down thier texture assets for the PC port. Which leaves us with the question of HDR support.

edit: just recalled Dell has a 4k HDR monitor, UP2718Q
HDR is more than just using floating-point texture formats :P

HDR involves managing the whitepoint and color gamut as well as luminance range of the signal. It requires either NvAPI / ADL driver hacks or Windows 10 Creators Update (DXGI 1.5) to define the metadata in the signal. No amount of preserving the same assets is going to engineer a system that either uses the two proprietary APIs, the one standardized (but Windows 10 exclusive) API subset or some combination of the two.

To date, I've seen a handful of games use DXGI, most have gone with NvAPI. Final Fantasy XV is using DXGI and therefore only supports HDR out on Windows 10.
Feb 10 @ 12:09pm
In topic No 4K HDR Support on PC?
I have a 4K OLED that's HDR10 capable. My laptop uses a 4K screen, my desktop has 2 4K monitors, my livingroom has an older model 4K OLED.

If you'd like to continue illustrating that you don't have the first clue what you're talking about that's fine by me, you would do well to stop labeling others however. I am a hell of a lot better educated on this topic than either of you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, yet you'll notice you're the only ones calling people idiots...... why is that?
Feb 10 @ 6:00am
In topic If I never played the first game...
The game you cal the first on is the 3rd one anyway.
I don't see anything else relevant, but I think this is caused by third-party software. Usually "privileged instructions" are caused by other overlays corrupting memory.

Try this version of the DLL:

It has a few weeks worth of extra compatibility work and may help. Also delete dxgi.ini, but leave default_dxgi.ini in place.
Feb 10 @ 4:38am
In topic Thought this was a better port
In an ideal world? They would be qualified to do this work, and that would come with the territory.

But you're right, most of the developers doing ports are incompetent and can only falback on worthless information that was taught in whatever degree program they went with. Those actually qalified to do this work understand the real-world factors governing this stuff.

If you don't understand the nature of changing APIs, specs, etc. on PC, then it is in everyone's best interest that you do not participate in theprocess of porting things to PC. We don't need to re-hire someone to fix what you broke 5 years later.
Probably due to this:

02/10/2018 14:15:08.946: [ Module ] ( 000007FEED370000h + 00212992 ) C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\x64\aswhooka.dll
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