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my son is so depressed that the only team shine color he gets is red

Do beggars go psh psh psh?

Quotes b:
"poof : gonna call it a night
magocpotat : D:
[D|ick] Poof=Daddy : bye daddy
magocpotat : but the files!
M∆dLΔd : gn
magocpotat : ok that sounds really weird"
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Beggars is pog???
Everyone in my friend's list are very special people :cozyjunimogreen:
If I un-add you for whatever reason, feel free to add me back. If I don't really talk to you then most likely you will be removed :/
If you ever wanna join me, you don't have to ask, just join ze party :2016roasted:

🎵 La vie en rose 🎵

Appreciations Down Below

I love these peeps:

PillowFrost (literally my Dad and brother at the same time. This manz taught me how to rocket jump and how to market garden, obviously I'm still spaghetti noodles )

ddy {a chad (⊙_⊙)?}

Depression *goated at mga, really good sniper, he's also my son + I shoveled him in the ass >:D*

Glasses (SUPER fun to be around + he gives me kisses -3- and WE GO DEEP)

Larry (Pipe Jesus and a great friend + I'm the alpha male n3rd)

Cr3 (Beggars King + Weeb loadout rocks ngl, he's also my observer partner)

Zoron/Navi (BEAST OF A MEDIC, known as the Mean Green Healing Machine , super fun to play with + welcome back dude :cozyjunimogreen:)

Mab/Alfie (dankest manz I know, really fun, super sweet, and needs to think better of himself!!! You are A M A Z I N G :D )

bEEp (really great medic, lost his GTA garage lmfao, really miss playin with em)

poopmancer (my councilor, really great guy, seems to like strategy games, one of my first friends.)

boof/disabled (super fun engineer to pocket with kritz, got pooped on by Uncle Dane lol, part of the "oof" squad poof, coof, doof, poof (sorry I cleaned my friend's coof & doof ;-; )

Lorelei + his crew homu n ned (really fun group to play with, absolute god snipers, Demoknight + Medic Combo is pog, nd Lorelei gave me a penguin ;o )

magocpotat (a very kind and joyful person, really fun to play with and fantastic at soldier!)

If you aren't on this list that doesn't mean I don't love you!
I'll probably include profile links for everyone mentioned on here. You could also just check my friend's list.
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Please, don’t bother scamming. :steambored:

I feel like I trade more than I play 🤔
Cast 3 hours ago 
Hey! Can you send your offers again?
magocpotat Feb 22 @ 1:50am 
We are a mistake of nature, we are Solgineer!
Casual Vore Feb 19 @ 5:14am 
Painis cupcake

I will eat you
angle powder Feb 14 @ 7:13pm 
this man is an mga god lol
Depressed None Feb 14 @ 1:11pm 
haha beggars go PSH PSH PSH
Team Fardress 2 Feb 13 @ 2:06pm 
@poof accept