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Discord: [ =PR= ] Paradox #6513 (Just remove the space between the square brackets and equal signs, Steam acts stupid and thinks it's text formatting when I put it in without the spaces)
Gamertag: I Razor Wolf I
Epic Games: Kaizo-Paradox
Fightcade: Kaizo-Paradox (formerly Razor Wolf but I forgot that account. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
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Some idiot coder who likes to shoot guns, rocket jump, and punch things.

:qlexcellent: Clan History :qlexcellent:
Former Division of Violence Leader (cV^ Kaizo) . The Division of Violence [battletracker.com] was a 30-man strong America's Army 2.5 clan spearheaded by both my older brother and eventually me from 2005 to 2010. Although I was usually the runt of the group, that's saying something since all of us were exceptionally good. Together we won several player-held tourneys, although unfortunatley time hasn't been so kind on the evidence of it. As of now, I'm still looking for that proof. If I ultimately can't find it, then you'll have to take my word for it, I'm afraid. After that, it formed several spinoff clans with core members of cV^ afterwards, such as 10th Mountain Division and Carnage Inc, the latter of which was the primary successor of the clan.

Current Pheonix-Rizing Co-Leader

:rl: Pheonix-Rizing Info :rl:
Pheonix-Rizing was a Team Fortress Classic Clan formed circa 2000 by players Biohazard and Banshee that participated and prospered in the STA [www.staleague.org] TFC 5V5 Gold/Silver leagues [legacy.staleague.org] 2003-2008. We are currently on the rise again and trying build up our ranks once more. In addition, we're now also doubling as a retro-shooter community for anyone who shares a passion and love for a simpler time where skill and reflexes were king. Interested in joining our ranks and accompanying us on our neverending quest for glory? Check out Pheonix-Rizing's website and start your FPS legacy now. [prgaming.pcriot.com]

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