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Purple Energy + Burning Flames + Fragmented Quarks
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i don't claim to be the first, because it's not about being first. It's about doing it right. This is my attempt at doing it right.

Looping gif of the unusual effect: http://gfycat.com/PaleDecisiveCuttlefish

I can only assume anyone who votes no is vot
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Status - Pending, Created by - Sir.Grey
kaito B>TF2QsW/1800+keys Apr 2 @ 3:34am 
Feel free to add me to talk without comments
kaito B>TF2QsW/1800+keys Apr 2 @ 3:34am 
Comment are closing due to Impersonation scams
✨♥Lukay✨ Apr 1 @ 7:06am 
added for sunbeams le party. I'll have the keys within a day. I'll only send you the offer when I have the keys, but until then I've added you.
Fantasy Mar 28 @ 7:05pm 
Sorry, I wasn't aware it was duped before my offer
Doug Dimmadome Mar 27 @ 5:02pm 
in 3 years ill buy that miami nights mask
◢Luna☽◤ but lazy Mar 26 @ 8:33am 
Added to work out a deal