02:51 PM - XXXTENTABLETOP: i need a new steam name
02:51 PM - XXXTENTABLETOP: what should it be
02:51 PM - Joan of Shark: ANIMEGODDESS
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4DOORBENZ 2 hours ago 
Big man like stormzy
Akame 2 hours ago 
Man try say he's better than me
Tell my man shut up
Mention my name in your tweets
Oi rudeboy, shut up
How can you be better than me?
Shut up
Best in the scene?
Tell my man shut up
Couple man called me a backup dancer
Onstage at the BRITs, I'm a backup dancer
If that makes me a backup dancer
The man in your vids, backup dancer
The man in your pics, backup dancer
Man wanna chat about backup dancer
Big man like me with a beard
I'm a big man, how the fuck can I backup?
Akame 4 hours ago 
It has been 4 hours since I successfully sucked my own penis. Things are different now. As soon as mouth-to-penis contact was made I felt a shockwave through my body. I have reason to believe I have super strength and telekinesis now.. 3 hours after contact I noticed a van parked on my street but no one has entered or exited the car since its arrival. I fear for my safety, I'm not sure what sort of power I may have stumbled upon but it's possible that the government has found out. If I don't update this again please send help.
Joan of Shark Apr 8 @ 1:53pm 
Jack Apr 3 @ 4:25pm 
remember that time jago doxed me
Ulimate Apr 3 @ 10:03am 
Kai 13 Mar @ 5:41pm
Saw a video of a woman getting fucked by one of those massive dragon dildos in the prone position. Whew lad.