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George Korynta   Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic
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Great atmosphere, awesome chilling story, love those side stories too. Interesting mechanics. And the music by Jason Graves was really great support for the chilling atmosphere. Yet again, awesome use of instrument technics.
Also really cool, that the music was completely different from my previous game Until Dawn, which was definitely more melodic, yet creepy and scary. This one just went big-time atmospheric, with great cues and effect, also for what your character is doing. Oh and the demons' cue!
Interesting take on investigating and storytelling. You don't feel much in danger, but when you do, you really get the chills. VO was decent, although in some cases it could be better. The story is always at the night, so there are not so many NPCs, but there is enough of them. You go through very creepy places, and yes, you can go through walls and objects. You can even possess people and more.
Awesome game!

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