Luka Marinović   Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
- philanthropist
- optimistic
- funny
- model & actor
- sportsman
- PR specialist

PC Specs:
1x Intel Q9550S, 4GB RAM, GT 730 on Ubuntu 16 LTS
1x Intel Q9400S, 4GB RAM, GT 730 on Ubuntu 16 LTS
1x Intel X3360, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050Ti, Win10 x64
1x Intel X3360, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050Ti, Win10 x64
1x Dell T5500 w. 2xX5670, 48GB RAM, GTX 1650 SUPER, Win10 x64
1x Lenovo C30 w. 2xE5-2650Lv2, 32GB RAM, GTX 1650 + GT 1030, Win10 x64
+ several laptops (T60, D630 x2, T61, T570, Legion 5 & MacAir M1)

Contribute unused CPU time to Scientific Research (COVID-19, Ebola, Zika, AIDS, Climate Studies, etc)! (Powered by KRI, Google it to learn more #NotSponsored) World Community Grid - Sign Up [ https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=286082&teamId=BBNGDQS832 ]
Contribute unused GPU time to Scientific Research of SETi@home (Powered by Berkeley university), Einstein@home, Milkzway@home & GPUgrid - Google it to learn more #NotSponsored.
More about me:
- mech.eng., working in world famous Rimac Automobili!
- working on 2nd degree in communication sciences
- finished acting school in free time!
- doing a lot of sports, as much as I can.
- liking computers, fixing something, upgrading - check out here: [ https://www.facebook.com/Play4Life.hr/ ]
- good with hands, fixing cars
- doing some community work with non-profit org. & political engagement
- favorite game: Mass Effect series
- also, am giving away a game monthly, check here: https://www.steamgifts.com/user/KLiKzg
For trades, check my profile here: https://barter.vg/u/3f74/
Also trading on LesTrades: https://lestrades.com/@KLiKzg/
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klikzg Mar 5, 2022 @ 3:12am 
In process of removing any & all Russian & Belarus friends here. After the attack on nuclear powerplant Zaporizhzhia & jeopardizing a whole of Europe - you are not welcome to be considered my friends. So beginning a complete isolation to all citizenship from those countries. And a message: when you change the government & stop this war towards Ukraine, we can talk again.
Now, good bye.