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yo add me want to discuss something
Fr0styfrags Oct 25 @ 10:59am 
added because of the nice skins
V a s h Oct 23 @ 5:42pm 
added for trade
boorukcho Oct 16 @ 4:53am 
add me, can you?
§SpaD Rustypot.com Oct 16 @ 2:32am 
whats up
joker Oct 15 @ 7:07pm 
added regarding katos
bill cosby Oct 12 @ 3:11pm 
#1 valve employee
greentgpoor Oct 12 @ 9:46am 
pls give me knife man I got scammed out of my badoink vr account
PARSA Oct 8 @ 12:40am 
Added to talk
Makloy Oct 2 @ 2:06pm 
bruh you there?
Pesky™ Sep 30 @ 6:43am 
why tf u got so many rust coats lmao
Fool! Sep 17 @ 5:03pm 
pls give me knife man I got scammed out of my badoink vr account
Applz Sep 17 @ 1:34pm 
lmao true my bad
David 𝙫𝙨 The World Sep 17 @ 1:23pm 
guys if u had a knife and someone asked if u could give it to them for free would u give it? no i dont think so so stop asking for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hes clearly not going to give u skins
Applz Sep 15 @ 7:51pm 
can i have rust coat pls i got scammed
Pvt. Gump Sep 15 @ 12:19pm 
ill think about it
Dad爸爸 Sep 14 @ 4:14pm 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ add me cutie
young komornik key-drop.com Sep 14 @ 8:01am 
plz skin
JohnnyTrapPhones Sep 13 @ 4:57pm 
Who are u?
lovin Sep 7 @ 12:43pm 
Good day, add to friends, there is an advantageous offer what is for you what for me.
ouzi Sep 5 @ 2:15am 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i just looked in your inventory and busted in my seat
Added someone told me u wanted trade ur sapphire
C. R. O Aug 25 @ 5:05pm 
hi bro!
Ant1ken Aug 21 @ 4:20pm 
No cool. He loose a gamble bet knife x knife he loses 3 times and no knife :steamfacepalm::csgocross::csgogun:
Habbo_Hotel skinport.com Aug 15 @ 2:23pm 
+rep used code shroud on rollbit lol ty
ඞPOLOSKIইসলামি Aug 15 @ 12:41pm 
dude gg

      〽 +RESPECT MAN<333!〽
       We can be friends for team talk)^_^<33

Bhook Jul 28 @ 5:10pm 
I may sell my WW Dlore
Aero Jul 25 @ 3:00pm 
Thought my inventory was good, then was just utterly destroyed by this guy. Thanks for ruining my self esteem. ;<
Spades Jul 25 @ 2:41pm 
wanna trade for ur howl
lovin Jul 23 @ 10:28pm 
+rep for having ★ Hand Wraps | Duct Tape
Jul 23 @ 11:51am 
ya moyen tu depanne 1 skin stp le sang c'est pour la fafa
GBB cs.money Jul 21 @ 2:57pm 
add to discuss a trade xD
Sleep Jul 19 @ 1:56am 
Added To be big boy poor friend
👁⃤ L1NUS3XT1PS Jul 15 @ 5:09am 
Added for trade
GI2GI YOUTUBE Jul 10 @ 12:25pm 
add for a trade
Sev Jul 6 @ 3:38pm 
pc specs fire
Added to sell buff bal.
? Jun 16 @ 2:13am 
added for dlore interest
bill cosby Jun 12 @ 8:56pm 
+rep thanks for the trade g
burst angel Jun 12 @ 3:18pm 
Hi bro , I have a good present for you, add my main account if you are interested
Scooter Jun 11 @ 10:11pm 
Dope inventory :D
crowlx Jun 11 @ 2:29pm 
yo, check my trade offer {LINK REMOVED}
Fox Jun 11 @ 10:59am 
add me ♥♥♥♥♥♥
burst angel Jun 10 @ 1:47pm 
Hi, I wanna invite you to the wingman tournament (2x2)
If we win this tourney - we'll get about $2000~ each
If you have time and desire to compete in this tourney with me, add my main account https://steamcommunity.com/id/LilBosus/
j4xyn #ripgerogflod Jun 9 @ 11:27pm 
let me cop a skin bro i did a case opening with my only $20 and got ♥♥♥♥♥ the best thing i got was an elite build ak FT
御龙品青梅 Jun 7 @ 9:20pm 
add me for sg553
Big Nigel Jun 5 @ 4:53am 
Oii let meg know theres people inpercenating him to scam
☁️ ⁧⁧ Megalodon888 Jun 5 @ 4:16am 
At least 1 Dragon Lore in those packages, GL!
ScamMe Jun 5 @ 4:16am 
+rep Gump was watching you on rollbit you king