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Just a Blue Gem Chopstiixk Collector!
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:thumb:Steam name : KillaGh0stL4x
:thumb:Steam level : 48
:thumb:Steam Account old : More than 2 years
:thumb:Inventory set : Public (only private when im on holiday, then im not trading)
:thumb: Steam and all other reputations from any site : All Positive
:thumb: Trade and Market Transactions made for now : Less then 1000
:thumb: Never reported, banned, scam, cheat or something like that.
:thumb: I'm online almost all day.
:thumb: I'm done for Unturned and Csgo (I will continue trading!) Moving towards League of Legends!
:hazard:Don't Add me : If you try to scam.
:hazard:Don't Add me : If you beg for free items ( I choose when and to who i will give free items)
:hazard:Don't Add me : If your profile is private.
:hazard:Don't Add me : If your inventory is empty.
:hazard:Don't Add me : If your account have Trade or VAC ban.

If I delete someone, that's why we don't active trading. Less chat, more trades.
I clean friend list from inactive users every 7 days. So, it's nothing personal.
:heavenforest:I mostly play Unturned, Gmod, BattleField 4, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and etc.
:heavenforest:I trade anything from my inventory.
:heavenforest:Before you add me, please send me why you add me in my comment section.
:heavenforest:I accept in Keys, Skins or Knives for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items.
:heavenforest:I accept all quality of items(skins) from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
:heavenforest:You can send me steam offer, if offer good i will accept it.
:heavenforest:When trade completed, its final and you can't change your mind same as me.
:insFist:Time is so pleasant don't waste my and your time by trolling, lowball, higball or try to scam.

:awkward:Stay positive, enjoy and have a nice day my friends !!! :)
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高端皮肤收藏家 | High Tier Skin Collectors
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Yggwyn Apr 9 @ 6:08pm 
hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
8 s r Apr 3 @ 10:59pm 
yo uhm I need to ask you about how long you've used your name can you add me your friends list is full
Donek Apr 3 @ 9:21am 
hey, if you interest in more low float - lmk
depressive ⇄ Trading Apr 3 @ 7:28am 
check offers pls
Hollow Mar 30 @ 10:20am 
+rep bought my items in buff :heartpr:
Raod To Silver Mar 29 @ 3:30pm 
:luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: :luv: