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Early Access Review
NOTE: I've written an expanded version of this review for The Drastik Measure, where I go more in-depth on the game's mechanics. Read it here[www.thedrastikmeasure.com].

They added a whole third dimension; it just feels so fun shooting things from a third person perspective
Most of the familiar items and mechanics return, though some have been tweaked
Characters are distinct and each are a pleasure to play
Multiplayer works out of the box and even allows for online matchmaking
Chris Christodoulou knocks the soundtrack out of the park again

this game is in Early Access, so most if not all of these cons will be addressed down the road
Inability to save and resume runs for later
Early Access means not all content is in yet
The necessary switch to the Unity engine means that PCs have to be built to a minimum spec for this to run smoothly

Oh man. The audacity of Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing to surprise release this into Early Access on the day of the PAX East stream. It was something that was hyped up since its announcement, and the BOGO deal for the first 2 days of launch pretty much sealed the deal. As far as marketing strategies goes this I feel was a tactical masterstroke. Just look at how many reviews this game has gotten, and a significant proportion of them are Steam-purchased reviews, which is an absolute necessity nowadays.

Enough comment on that, though - Risk of Rain 2 neatly transitions the game into a full-blown 3D roguelike looter shooter, and it's totally a blast. You'll meet enemies old and new, and they all have a bunch of new abilities. Maps might be the same (the choice of artstyle is great, the colours are vibrant and is generally easy on the eye), but loot and teleporter location isn't, and there's enough variety with levels switching between a few different ones. Occasionally finding the teleporter is a bit of a chore, though.

Risk of Rain 2 also sports a vastly improved multiplayer system. Setting up sessions in the old game was a chore due to port forwarding, but that's a thing of the past. A quick play mode even matches you up against random other people. The fun and excitement (as well as the teeth gnashing when a greedy teammate steals all the items) is all there.

The current character classes that are playable are all neat in their own right. Old favourites like the Huntress and Engineer have their own new twists to help with the transition to 3D. The Mercenary's transition to 3D is an especially interesting one, and has shades of Overwatch's Genji, in my opinion.

Of course, Chris Christodoulou[chrischristodoulou.bandcamp.com] holds it all together with his usual masterful command of polyrhythms and weird time signatures, all while retaining the famous motifs from the first game's soundtrack. All of these factors have combined to immediately skyrocket the game into one of my favourites to play.

When to buy
Chances are if you're reading this now, you missed the day 1 BOGO deal, sorry! But I can unabashedly say it's still worth the price even now.

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