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Has it really been 10 years since I've played the original N game back in 2006? Good god, time really flies. I knew I had to instantly buy this on launch to support the developers, as a thank you for all the free entertainment years ago.

The original Flash version kept me entertained for hours on be more specific, it's a combination of euphoria and frustration. But usually frustration.
Specifically, frustration at my own lack of skill. This game requires a lot of precision, even more so than Super Meat Boy , in my honest opinion. But the euphoria experienced from finally beating one of those almighty challenging levels is just incredible.

Floaty ninja jumping, sweet walljumping, amazing physics engine. Seriously - this has the best physics engine I've ever experienced in any 2D game ever. Maybe even 3D? I don't know if I want to go that far.
Those were key aspects to its underground cult following back then - these are key aspects in its successful sequels today. N+ and N++ helped to fine tune and overly polish the experience.

No online multiplayer? I don't see this as a problem. The original N never had any online multiplayer. N+ had it, but it would be a challenge to implement here because of latency and whatnot interfering negatively with the physics, that I can recognise. As a compromise, there is local multiplayer.

A vastly challenging experience, not for the faint-hearted (and that is about the only possible con I see in this, that the difficulty could put off the most casual gamers). A LOT of handcrafted levels (and even more user-created levels). Great colour palettes. Brilliant licensed soundtrack that just about fits the mood of the game and whatever you're experiencing right now.

It is no wonder that this game was instantly deserving of my nomination for the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award. I mean, I thought it was cool a whole TEN years ago - I still think it's cool today.

[h1]When to buy[/h1]
There's a shedload of levels included. If you have the patience and the willpower never to give up after repeated failures on fiendishly difficult platforming levels, pick it up now. Well worth the $15.

[h1] 9.5/10 [/h1]
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Created by - ArenMook, Justin and Albert Wintervacht
513 ratings
Everything to get a new player started in Windward. Also can give people an idea what to expect from the game. Updated 9 Feb 2016.
Made official January 14, 2015!
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CrescenDollsFC187 Oct 27, 2016 @ 10:38pm 
Ooooh nice to know~ :D Im thinking of getting Metronomicon if they had it for sale this Halloween events~ :D
Oct 27, 2016 @ 10:07pm 
Heya - it's fun, but it's really best-suited only if you usually play games with Twitch streamers. I usually try to play games with the WGN team if they are playing so I've gotten some mileage out of it, but that is generally how you'll get more than a few hours of playtime in
CrescenDollsFC187 Oct 27, 2016 @ 9:39pm 
Hey man its been quite a while since we talk XD Just wanna know your opinion on the Streamline game, how was it? :D
Jul 27, 2015 @ 7:05am 
lol yeah I know but I had some unactivated keys hahahaha
¦K¦ Freekill Jul 27, 2015 @ 7:04am 
gets 1337 ruins it in a hour 10/11 would h8 again
Phantasm Jun 22, 2015 @ 8:40am