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👉🏽 Name: Mustafa-Almohamed
👉🏽 Age: 18 Years
👉🏽 Gender: Male
👉🏽 Country: iraq
👉🏽 Languages: Arabic - English
👉🏽 My Favorite Games: Scum, GTA V , Rust , Rainbow six siege,Csgo
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Hall of noob Quotes

3Est: Why you'd peek that?!?!??!
eschew: Someone came in my room sorry
Zed-ex-: Come on....Whos watching that???
Rod: I'm reeeeeeaaaally mad at you for that
Kage/Lebroidjames/Calamity: I have a small penis.
Mik3y: Shit I accidently smoked the wrong weed.
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