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A masterpiece that everyone should play and make their own meaning of it.

Um... U wot m8?

+ Story - very obscure, makes you want to seach for its meaning
+ Atmosphere - very dark, monotone, goes super well with the story
+ Puzzles - solutions are simple enough but the way you solve them is interesting and enjoyable
+ Graphics - super polished 2.5D, amazing lightning and water, realistic movement, amazing animations and physics
+ Controls - simple and intuitive, object interactions work perfectly
+ Soundtrack - subtle but compliments the story, effects are very true to the real ones, especially liking the shockwave part
+ AI - followers know what they are doing so it makes the game enjoyable on that part, pretty good interactions with scientists at the end
+ Achievemets that make sense and are nicely implemented into the game

Final words:
Very few things left to say about this game except if you want to add more praise to it. Amazing successor to the LIMBO which was already an outstanding game. Definitely a must play for everyone, considering it only takes about 3-4h to complete together with other ending and all secrets. The only thing I dont like is the feeling that I want MORE OF IT. Lets hope Playdead continues to make amazing games in the future!

Score: 9.7/10
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