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Traps aren't gay, for a man to love traps is not gay by any measure, for traps embody the true form of feminine Beauty, which suffers no constraint by any earthly gender, but is rather fulfilled in all feminine bodies regardless of their biological origins. For example, one might love and admire the statue of a woman, but we would never call such a person a statue-lover, for it is the form of the Female which is instantiated in the statue that this person admires; likewise with traps. We see that there are some who love traps but despise overly-masculine bodies, and for these people, it is not proper to speak of them as being homosexual at all, for the nature of gayness, if gayness were to exist, is the love of a gender which is the same as yours. This love is something which has its timeless origin in the domain of Forms before it could ever become instantiated in the world of bodies. Therefore, it is not gay to love traps, for one loves not the earthly body of a young boy, but a transcendent Woman-Beauty that is fundamentally female in nature and completely incorporeal.
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Terrorists are attempting to blow up a monument in the center of a villa that grew around a destroyed castle.
Counter-Terrorists arrive just in time to either stop them, or die.
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