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Personal Achievements


Start the game.

See You Next Week!

Enter the loop.


Send back Misato.


Send back Touko.


Send back Kiri.


Send back Sakuraba.

Miki Miki

Send back Miki.

Ninja Girl

Send back Youko.

Is Anyone Left Out There...?

Finish all routes.

Touko Kirihara

Finish scenario 1 in Another Story.

Misato Miyasumi

Finish scenario 2 in Another Story.

Kiri Sakura

Finish scenario 3 in Another Story.

Miki Yamanobe

Finish scenario 4 in Another Story.

Youko Hasekura

Finish scenario 5 in Another Story.

Tomoki Shima

Finish scenario 6 in Another Story.

Hiroshi Sakuraba

Finish scenario 7 in Another Story.


Finish scenario 8 in Another Story.

After Story

Finish scenario 9 in Another Story.

Friendship Is Not Asking Anything in Return

Unlock all gallery thumbnails.


Reach the bad ending.