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(TEAM) 28 : ty chromosome
(TEAM) 28 : for destroying that mouthy scout on my team last lobby, god was he annoying
(TEAM) +chromosome : lmao
McFurry: he is showing off like you
McFurry: but you're actually good
gimli691: like me?
McFurry: and he isnt
McFurry: yea
McFurry: you're calling people noobs
*DEAD* erez1165 : i am no speak
erez1165 : i am afk for sev
Dippi: who are you?
SlawEr: good question
SlawEr: who am I
SlawEr: after 15 years since I born
SlawEr: Im
SlawEr: searching around the world
SlawEr: for my
SlawEr: real family
SlawEr: after I got kidnapped
SlawEr: I fought 19 ninjas
SlawEr: I was in the msot sercret palces around the world
SlawEr: I've met donald trump
SlawEr: but still one question I dont know
SlawEr: WHO AM I
SlawEr: I AM
*DEAD* LayndR : Yeah you are cheating
*DEAD* LayndR : Fuck off
*DEAD* Dippi : XD
*DEAD* Dippi : i love this game so much XD
cheatingguy34 : EZ\
*DEAD* cozy : omg
cozy : are u habbib
NuTRiCuLa joined team RED
cozy : eu habbib
Pluz: ahi ata yahol lehosif oti la profile shelha?
Mehabel Dippi: besder
[STPTB] Baby Seal : sorry gtg help me dad o/
*DEAD* Canlock : keklander
.is : guys say some meme or funny shit i need a bind
17:50:48 rushie: I like cock
speer : my mom is cooking crumpets
magistr mix/merc : lollander
(TEAM) fixeyy : uncle dane 2.0
(TEAM) fixeyy : i hate my life
magistr mix/merc : I'm eating burger, stop
alx: אתה יודע כמה מוח יש לי בשנייה??
alx אתה יודע כמה IQ BUBLES יש לי??
Dippi (Score:20) defeats ♥RUBEHY (Score:3) in duel to 20 on Viaduct Middle
♥RUBEHY : i suck
♥RUBEHY : im giving up
Dippi (Score:6) defeats ♥RUBEHY (Score:2) in a duel on Viaduct Middle
You gained 2 points.
Dippi : c:
weeb (1607) joins arena endif.
weeb (Score:5) defeats stelio kontos (Score:0) in duel to 5 on endif
You gained 6 points.
stelio kontos left the game (Disconnect by user.)

flippi (Score:20) defeats AlisonBurgers (Score:14) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle
You gained 8
Hatuloss Apr 6 @ 11:47am 
Fuck Hatuloss
ilaywho ♥ Apr 3 @ 9:19am 
haiti mezayen otha
Hatuloss Mar 30 @ 6:37am 
just another lil pump fan but still a great tf2 player
random scammer Mar 30 @ 5:55am 
guchi gang guchi gang
kfirb Mar 28 @ 2:37pm 
just another fag nigger
Hatuloss Mar 28 @ 2:11pm 
just another lil pump fan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)