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If I have added you and you accepted PLEASE message me straight after you do so and I will talk to you about the reason or if I've typed the reason in your comments just message me so I know you accepted me.
I DO NOT accept any profiles with:
1. Private BP(you can comment and I may make an exception)
2. More than 2+ vac bans, if you have 1 vac ban, you have to explain it to me if I accept you.
3. Thoose ''hot girls'' or so profiles that want to scam you or soemthing, I always blocked them straight up so idk what they are doing...
4. People who want to advertise their shit(mostly gambling and trading sites but also anime shit etc.)

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About me:
Hello. I am DelT, I am a comp TF2 player -pyro main.

Basic info about me:
:csgox: As i said before I like TF2.
:csgox: I also like WW2 stuff(movies, games etc.)
:csgox: I like green paint the most.
:csgox: My fav music is dusbtep and trap.
:csgox: My favourite TF2 gamemode is payload.
:csgox: I'm somewhere around 15 y/o.
:csgox: I live in xXx_Czech_Rektpublik_xXx -the 420 blaze it mlg country of 360 degree noscopers.
:csgox: I hate mlg stuff.
:csgox: I hate heavies and phlog pyros
:csgox: I hate most of anime stuff(mostly sexual and other content)

:sticky: Compettitive stuff:
:csgox: pyro up to top mid/bottom plat 
:csgox: Scout(6s) up to bottom mid
:csgox: Scout(hl) up to open
:csgox: Spy up to open
:csgox: Soldier(6s-mainly pocket) up to open

Leagues I mainly participate in:
Profile []
Current teams:
mc rambo comes to greece(highlander) []
Galactic Pipes(6s) []
Galactic Cakes(4s) []
My participations:
Highlander s22-steel div. with Echelon E-sports(pyro)
Highlander s23-steel div. with Echelon E-sports(pyro)
Highlander s24-steel div. with Reverie E-sports(pyro)-1st place
Highlander s25-silver div. with mc rambo comes to greece
6v6 s26-europe with Galactic Pipes(scout)
6v6 s27-europe with Galactic Pipes(scout)
4v4 s12-steel div. with Galactic Cakes(scout/pyro)
4v4 s13-steel div. with Galactic Cakes(scout/pyro)-1st place
4v4 s14-silver div. with Galactic Cakes(scout/pyro)

Profile []
Current teams:
Galactic Pipes(6s) []
Aftershake []
My participations:
Highlander s14 preseason cup(open group 1) with S!r(pyro)
Highlander s14-open with S!r(pyro)
Highlander s15 preseason cup(open group B) with Calculated Risk(pyro)
Highlander s15-mid with Calculated Risk(pyro)
6v6 s28-open with Cryptic E-sports(scout)
6v6 s29-low with Magyar removal unit(scout)
6v6 Meet your map cup-lower brackets with Galactic Pipes(scout)- semi finals
6v6 s30-open with Galactic Pipes(scout)

Other leagues I participate in:
Profile: []
Current team
Divided AUssembly(6s) []

Profile: []
Current teams:
Divided NAssembly(highlander) []
Galactic Medics(ultiduo) []
My participations:
Ultiduo s4 with FloppyDriveZ
Highlander s1 with Divided NAssembly

Profile []
Current team:
Galactic Uber(7v7) []
My participations:
7v7 s1 with Galactic Uber

Ready Steady Pan
Profile: []
Current team:
Galactic Pans []

I also play alot of TF2center.
Profile [] profile []
Logs you should look on:
Best K/D ever done []
-9ks?! O_o []

:sticky: Community stuff
:csgox: I own few groups that you may be interested in joining to:
-my official group (DelT's horde)
-anti phlog group
:csgox: And my discord server. []
:sticky: I also like watching SFM videos
:csgox: My favourite SFM is:
:csgox: Once Upon Time in 2fort (part 1 and 2)
Part 1
Part 2
The Ghost From the Past series that are connected with Once Upon Time in 2fort's story
Playlist doesn't include episode 5 (maybe the last one)
:sticky: This info has been updated lastly on 18th July 2018
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