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Scammers kill count: 200
Just don't try the ''I may have done something on accident'' thing or else you will be added to the counter on top.
Don't add me if you want to advertise some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t like gambling sites...
I DO NOT accept any profiles with private BP(that I find strange)
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Team Fortress 2
About me:
Hello. I am DelT, a comp TF2 player -pyro main.

I hate phlog pyros, anime and fortnite - Say whatever you want lol

Compettitive stuff:
Pyro all divs
Other hl classes mid
Everything 6s low/mid

What I've achieved so far:

Highlander s17-mid with Stinghan Academy(pyro) -2nd place
Highlander s18-mid with Monkey Mode under 18(pyro)-1st place
Highlander s19-div2 with Monkey Mode(pyro)- 3rd place
6v6 Meet your map cup-lower brackets with Galactic Pipes(scout)- semi finals
6v6 s33-low with Police Squad(scout)-2nd place

Highlander s24-steel div. with Reverie E-sports(pyro)-1st place
Highlander s26-silver div. with mc rambo comes to greece(pyro) -2nd place
4v4 s13-steel div. with Galactic Cakes(scout/pyro)-1st place

Countless times got into 4s/6s ugc semis thanks to default wins.


Siliwan - Always a hella unit, always silly and always fun to play with!
Alex - The best gamer to ever touch the medic class(his arrows pound)
Extrathrowlar - The biggest TF2 personality I've ever met. Loose cannon god, best maincaller ever and a super crazy man. Survived his own suicide attempt
Qohen - Wouldn't be where I am today without him. Still "Frau Qohen kinda quirky ngl"



Alex: NEVER absolutley NEVER let this person play portal 2…

Alex: 100 casuals? Okay. 10 lobbys? N- no. 1 offi? Only if sili is in

Mister: "Slaps Roof of delt" This bad boy can fit so much toxicity inside!

Mister: I am uncle danes bootleg bastard son

(Admins of DH): This guy is obviously a Spy main weeb

General Zimmer: Boobs = Big Ocean Of Busted Scums

Russman: dont drink and eate so much alchahol and chocolate

Fragshow: Happy New Year and get a girlfriend you basement dweller

Mister: happy new year and get some sun light you ♥♥♥♥ing czeck vampire

Alex: Scammed my chocolate irl 10/10 will go to kfc with him again

you guys are way better than us anyway
we all are 4fun palyers
next time tell your players to dont play scrim
and focus on officials
4fun and doesn't wanna play for fun

Kapustak TF2
před 7 měsíci
mg hard classa

Qohen 16.08.19
delt was such a gamer in reverie esports

Qohen 08.08.19
I think tk and delt might have problems hearing -no ♥♥♥♥ sherlock

john fortnite kennedy:
Ask what not you can do for your logs, but what your logs can do for your team
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Not for trade, just showcasing my pyro sets.
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Minecraft in TF2 xD
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