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Alright guys, I am back to trading again. Currently looking to buy backpacks as well as high tier items such as knives and rifles. Im able to offer cash, bitcoin, paypal, keys, you name it. I WILL NOT pay full market price. I am still able to middleman, tipping is STRONGLY encouraged.

8:37 PM - LION KING * Razer: She's offline atm
8:37 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #LF-Kara|FADE!: Thats fine
8:38 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #LF-Kara|FADE!: Why cant i ever find the gorgeous women that play pc games.
8:38 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #LF-Kara|FADE!: I just find the ones that want to play mind games....
8:38 PM - LION KING * Razer: Because I have all of them :s
8:38 PM - LION KING * Razer: Soz :s

5:30 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #Buying Knives: btw, either im old or just ignorant.
5:30 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #Buying Knives: Wtf is this "the fox says"
5:30 PM - DonSelf: lol
5:31 PM - DonSelf: it's some song
5:31 PM - DonSelf: guy is like "what does the fox say" then a whole bunch of black nonsense
5:31 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ] #Buying Knives: HAHA

10:25 PM - Satan: Oh babe
10:25 PM - Satan: guess what
10:25 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ]: im about to hate you im guessing
10:25 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ]: what?
10:26 PM - Satan: Nah
10:26 PM - Satan: I got 9 strikes in a row today :D
10:26 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ]: LOL
10:26 PM - Junglist [PPM-Λ]: Good for you

6:05 PM - Junglist #Failsportz: Im having a chicken fried steak sammich with mayo, hashbrowns, a bit of hotsauce and a over easy egg on this great rosemary and parmessian roll.
6:06 PM - Pilltacular: that sounds amazing
6:06 PM - Junglist #Failsportz: mhmmm
6:06 PM - Pilltacular: I'm having pretzel chip crumbs and beans :P
6:06 PM - Junglist #Failsportz: It is.
6:06 PM - Junglist #Failsportz: Satan get you hooked on those pretzel chips
6:06 PM - Pilltacular: naw
6:06 PM - Pilltacular: but he does make me wanna bowl
6:07 PM - Junglist #Failsportz: LOL

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Hey Yall,

Wanted to go over a few things so you'll have a better idea as to who you're dealing with. First to start, my names Beau, im 26, live in downtown Seattle, am an avid trader both for profit and collections, I'm really big into the Breakbeat/Drum n Bass and House music scenes here in Seattle, also am into the bar scene here because I work in one.

When I'm not spending hours a day making a drink or bringing people food or bullshitting with someone behind the bar. I'm tyically found at my house just relaxing. If i'm not playing CSGO or watchin something online im typically asleep or in bed.

Now a few things to confirm it is me you're infact trading with. THESE ARE IMPORTANT. I've had multiple impersonators lately.
1. I will always own a G. Fetti Drill Hat Signed By Kyrann!
2. I will always have a Hardy Laurel in my TF2 Inventory Crafted by "Fire"
3. I will have over 20+ Pages of +rep - Also 1500+ Screenshots of CS:GO Situations and tf2 hats
4. HelenAngel, Satan, Tweeday, StoneCleric and Other high profile people will ALWAYS BE on my friends list
5. My Profile will NEVER BE PRIVATE
6. I am the group owner of CS:GOREP which you can find within my groups and moderator of GeT_RiGhT's Offical Fan Page
7. I am ScreenShot happy so dont think anything thats discussed isnt going to be noted.

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hey, sorry to bother but some scammer contacted me and hes already a scammer in cashrep, can i report him again or something or do i just ignore?
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