You reap what you sow
Kevin3798 = JudgeMyAlias   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Killing Floor 2: Playing for the Vault items, but not for the acrobatic robots.
Hi! I love making dumb names. Judge me and I'll cry. :rfacepalm:
For adding and trading requests please view the information below.

I don't bite so don't be afraid to add/delete me (but no private profiles).
Also, please comment what your interest for adding is (trading, playing, etc).

I will not ruin my integrity by cheating in any manner.

Times I have been asked what weapon I use in Payday 2: 7
Times I have been asked how I got a 'robot' voice in Payday 2: 7
Times my mask was questioned in Payday 2: 5
Times my DMR pistol was commented on in Payday 2: 4

I was an admin on these wikis:
Dead Trigger [] (From 11th August, 2012)
Modern Combat [] (From 6th September, 2012)
Blitz Brigade [] (From 12th May, 2013)

I've stopped moderating the wikis on 21st March, 2016 because I was constantly glued to my inbox for three-and-a-half years.

The following are the names I've used on Steam. The numbers denote the order of names used sorted in ascending order. Don't judge the earlier (2-32) names I've used.

1. Kevin3798 (used for unchangeable usernames)
2. Potato Finder (old name [Yeah I know, hush])
70. JudgeMyAlias (too fitting and mildly catching)

I stopped using my second name after I realised that 'potato' was not a very good name.

"My potato does..." lines:
3. Can't find my potato
4. My potato bought groceries
5. My potato found tabletops
6. My potato did yoga
7. My potato cleaned windows
8. My potato ate cereal
9. My potato touched plastic
10. My potato shot sushi
11. My potato annihilated crayons
12. My potato played guitar
13. My potato stole microwaves
14. My potato sold pasta
15. My potato drank sauce

My potato's favourite activity is yoga. :trainbowbarf:

Attempts at being witty:
16. Don't turn on sticky keys
17. Filter keys are just as bad
18. April Fools is not a joke
19. Look, no one cares
20. You are a neophyte
21. Don't try this at home
22. Should've gone to Specsavers
23. Heard of "outside"?
24. Sleep? What's that?

Old, old mockery:
25. =[w.O.n]= [AUS] Pink Tart (used for months)
26. (too hard to understand)

Nickname 25 is a mockery of =[o.W.n]= (old obnoxious group), [TH] (pervasive group for Thai people), and a popular character from a popular show.

Nickname 26 was just terrible.

I still don't regret my decision on using those two names.

Best, bester, bestest:
27. I am bester than you
28. I am the bestest
29. No one is bester than me
30. I am the most best
31. I am too best
32. You are very worst

33. We all have our little moments
34. Say sorry to the nice man
35. We can't all be winners
36. Don't do that thing you do
37. You did try to an extent
38. Better luck next time
39. Turn that frown upside down
40. Can't we all just get along?
41. Don't talk to strangers
42. Look on the bright side
43. No one's perfect
44. Every cloud has a silver lining
45. What goes around comes around
46. Better safe than sorry
47. There is no need to be upset
48. What goes up must come down

49. My dog ate my homework
50. Better late than never
51. You win some you lose some
52. You're in big trouble young man
53. I know you are but what am I?
54. I'll do my work tomorrow

Everything else
55. Beggars can't be choosers
56. Do as I say, not as I do
57. Don't judge a book by its cover
58. All that glitters is not gold
59. Let's agree to disagree

Names 60 and beyond are located in the trade info box.
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Avg. Game Completion Rate
Items Up For Trade
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Market Transactions
The items above are not for sale. They are a small collection of level 100s I own with varying qualities. I also collected craft 3798s.

I stopped playing TF2 in 2016 and as such, have also significantly slowed down on trading.

Please do not solicit me for inventory buying as all unwanted items have/will be sold at a later date.


Old links to trading sites
TF2 Outpost - -


Send a trade offer here:


There is nothing below here.

Psych! Here's names 60 and beyond.

60. Old habits die hard
63. All publicity is good publicity
64. It takes one to know one
65. Take it as you will
66. Easier said than done
67. We all make mistakes
68. Don't feed the birds
69. You can't please everyone
71. Time heals all wounds
72. Everyone starts somewhere
73. Don't burn your bridges
74. Teamwork makes the dream work
75. It's not rocket science
76. You smelt it you dealt it
77. The early bird gets the worm
78. Actions speak louder than words
79. Too many cooks spoil the broth
80. Money doesn't grow on trees
81. Look both ways before crossing (Thanks, Aurora)
82. Be careful what you wish for
83. Practice makes perfect
84. You are what you eat
85. A dog is a man's best friend
86. You reap what you sow

61. TC's second biggest fan
62. TC's least favourite member

Best worst group -

There's nothing below here, scroll up.

I told you already, there is nothing below here.

Seriously, scroll away.

Do me a nice favour and post a comment saying 'I know you're retired, but will you still be able to find my potato?'

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong about posting that potato comment; I'm simply embracing my past self.
List of people to avoid
This list contains people that are disruptive, unreasonably rude or just terrible people in general.

Don't worry, I've met plenty of good people.

Throwaway accounts are excluded.

The reported (either been reported or already flagged) - - - - -


No, I've never been scammed.


'Hi. You want this item?' - - - -
(Everyone else afterwards was immediately blocked instead)

I know, they were merely hijacked.


Listing cheaters is strenuous and as a result, are not listed.

Payday 2 bad hosts (kicked without a good/any reason): - Friends-only, silly - Instead of the other guy who kept getting detected - Set it to friends-only - You know, you can set it friends-only - You forgot to set it to friends-only - Tried to hide kick. Also, friends-only - Kicked everyone because someone shot alarmed glass. Also used a disconnect mod - No reason at all - There's a friends-only option - Kicked because the host got detected in stealth - Friends-only exists - Kicked because the alarm set off while I was joining - Forgot to set it to friends-only - Absolutely no reason whatsoever - NGBTO - NGBTO - Piggybacks off of other players

There are people in this world you don't want to be around: - Has issues with dueling - Has no manners - Does not understand the word "respect" - Fakes friendly status to obtain kills and pretends that he actually is - Just talks and talks and does not care - Tried to intimidate me by pretending to record a video about an argument he already lost - Bossy, abusive and arrogant - Does not care about others' priorities - Homophobic comments in full caps - Very sarcastic - - Has no decency - Very arrogant - Gets upset over enemy teamwork - Same as the guy above at an attempt to overthrow hard counters - Is as childish as a child can get - Unprovokedly continuously attacked me for no apparent reason - Juvenile faking admin and bans - CS:GO - Randomly kicked me (profile doesn't suggest anything special) - CS:GO - Persistent micspamming - CS:GO - Gets upset easily

Left 4 Dead Griefers (and the assumed reason(s)): - 'Team assasin' - Was almost dead with no pills
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Created by - You reap what you sow
80 ratings
A reference sheet for the weapon damage required to kill certain enemies in a certain amount of headshots or bodyshots with Body Expertise aced. Also includes a list of recommended weapons and tips.
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