josh   California, United States
me name is josh

Please friend my other accounts: Josh56061 and Sharktooth125

If im not on im probably on one of those..
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lul cuc
Hi and welcome to my steam account.
You know that feeling when you're playing csgo
and someone is better than you and you check their
profile to see if they are suspiscious and they have over 1,500 hours
in a game? Yeah me too.

Current Csgo Rank
Silver 1 ✓
Silver 2 ✓
Silver 3 ✓
Silver 4 ✓
Silver Master ✓
Silver Elite Master ✓
Gold Nova ✓
Gold Nova 2 ✓ :steamsad:
Gold Nova 3 ✗
Gold Nova 4✗
Master Guardian ✗
Master Guardian 2 ✗
Master Guardian Elite ✗
Legendary Eagle ✗
Legendary Eagle Master ✗
Supreme Master First Class ✗
Global Elite ✗

About me:
My name is Josh and I am from San Jose, California.
I enjoy swimming and playing pc and other forms of video games

Before you add me
*I accept most friend requests
*I Dont accept request from people with steam account lower than 3 (unless I know you irl)
*I am kinda trash at video games but think I am good
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