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Personal Achievements

Mass Murder

Murder The Pope.

As You Wish

Survive Glorg.


Defeat The Groove Wizard.

It's Called "Butts" Now

Clear 'Flap Your Brains Out.'

Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours!

Beat all gold times.

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

Earn zero deaths on every level.

Can't Touch This!

Survive 'Slow Dance' for 40 seconds without dying.

Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

Clear 'Slow Dance' without killing anything.

Make Love, Not War

Clear 'Babylon' without killing anything.

I'm a Star-vivor!

Clear level 'Run Coward' without dying and collecting the Stars.

Get To The Chopper!

Clear level 'Over By Christmas' without dying and collect both Stars.

So Long And Thanks For All The Stars

Collect every star.

So Good I Ripped My Pants

Clear 'Ol' Ball and Chain.'

Mean Green Machine

Clear every level in World 4.

Electronic Super Done!

Get every Star, beat every Gold Time, and earn 0 deaths in every level.

Electronic Super King!

Earn every achievement.

That Was Easy!

Go through your first portal in Infinite Love Mode.

Clumsy Lover

Go through five portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.

Smooth Lover

Go through ten portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.

Super Lover

Go through fifteen portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.

Turbo Lover

Go through twenty portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.

Infinite Lover

Go through twenty-five portals in Infinite Love Mode without dying.

Green With EnV

Clear 'A Jungle Welcome.'

Just Like My Ex

Clear 'Emotional Mess.'

Stomach of Steel

Clear 'The Rabbit Hole.'

Spikey Problem

Kill Spike.

Bonus Content For All, And For All A Good Night

Complete all the holiday levels.


Defeat World 1 within 10 minutes.

Two Awesome!

Defeat World 2 within 17 minutes.

So Three-ling!

Defeat World 3 within 22 minutes.

How Four-tuitous!

Defeat World 4 within 26 Minutes.

Thinking With Portals, Doing Science

Take the shortest route in 'An Evil Portal Mess.'

Jumping the Snowmouth!

Bounce on exactly 22 arrows in 'A YOLO Snow Mess.'

Being a Level Designer Means Never Having to Apologize

Beat 'A Laser Danger Mess' without dying or using smash.

What A Mess!

Complete every level in 'A Hot Sticky Mess.'

Mopping Up

Clean the clock on all gold times in 'A Hot Sticky Mess.'

Do Wanderers Dream of Mechanical Butts?

Hit less than 7 bounce arrows in 'A YOLO Snow Mess.'