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Personal Achievements

Depart Earth

Play Monoshot Game.

Reach the Moon

Reach Wave 2.

Reach Mars

Reach Wave 3.

Reach Jupiter

Reach Wave 4.

Reach Saturn

Reach Wave 5.

Reach Uranus

Reach Wave 6.

Reach Neptune

Reach Wave 7.

Solor Tour

Clear Wave 7.

Final Hope

Played the Suicide Game.

High Speed Experience

Played the Highspeed Game.

Suicide Mania

Reached Dist5 in the Suicide Game.

High-Speed Mania

Reached Dist5 in the High-Speed Game.

Rapid-Fire Mania

Have 10 bullets on-screen at once in Standard Mode.

Achieve One Million

Break 1,000,000 points.

Defuse Double

Defeat two bosses in a single game.

Rapid-Fire Pilot

Play with the Standard Ship.

Trash Compactor

Get a Game Over from accumulated wreckage.


Clear a wave without firing a single shot.

United Front

Play the game with two players.

United Crush

Both players survive crushing a boss.


Fling wreckage at a boss with your shots.

Halley's Comet

Play the game 76 times.
0 / 76

Big Bang Mania

Fire 100 Max Charge Shots.
0 / 100

10 Chain

Achieve a Max Chain of 10 or more.

20 Chain

Achieve a Max Chain of 20 or more.

30 Chain

Achieve a Max Chain of 30 or more.

40 Chain

Achieve a Max Chain of 40 or more.

50 Chain

Achieve a Max Chain of 50 or more.


Destroy 10,000 enemies.
0 / 10,000

King of Destruction

Destroy 100,000 enemies.
0 / 100,000

Emperor of Destruction

Destroy 1,000,000 enemies.
0 / 100,000

Boss Challenger

Destroy 100 bosses.
0 / 100

Wave Master

Reach Wave 100.

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