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TL;DR Bad game. All the games the developer made have a negative review on steam. So avoid like everything else. Until they actually make a good game. Because the concept is there and it's a good concept. But that's it.

Now the full review:

I am reviewing this game as an aspiring indie games developer myself. I am testing a lot of indie games lately to see what other indies are doing This game was developed in Unity. But when I say developed I mean more like created as from seeing the game I don't think the creator did any development. Everything used within the game is basically straight from the asset store without any modification or development done. If it's not from the Unity asset store it's from another free site. Like the trees the devloper used. They do not even have colliders. The glasses that are used for windows, if you shoot at them the bullets collide with it and you see "holes" but you can actually walk through them. THe enemy AI is probably from a free asset on the Unity Store because I managed to code better and I have near to none experience with AI. The enemies chase you, fast, no realism for zombies, and at night when they are frenzied they actually move at the same speed and detection distance is exactly the same.
Patrol AI script is in fact 2 lines of code. In order to advance a level you don't really have to move, just wait until the timer expires, and off to the next level. Also the music is one sound file on loop and a narrator randomly spewing you are dead (or something like that, I don't remember). Seriously, the words come at random moments. I was sitting on top of a building, at an ammo spawn area and shooting zombies from a distance, and the narrator was saying at random moments that I died. The same words he says when you actually die. Also when the zombies hit you, you get no signaling that a zombie actually hit you. There coudl be a zombie behind you, hitting you and draining your health while you shoot the ones in front of you and you will never know, unless you notice that your health is actually going down for no reason. Also the pause menu does not actually pause the game. Also the creator named the Unity project as Ui. Capital U small i. If you alt+tab to windows and check the running program, that is the name you see.

Basically this game would be a good game for a University project at year two, maybe. But technically speaking it would take a weekend of hacking to put it together and ship it. That's it. As an amateur I made better games and did not publish them, just threw them away. But I guess if things like this one get on steam I should not be throwing away games I consider bad. People might buy them for 99 cents or less ( I got this one at 19 cents for the trading cards and to test another indie game)

The game has a nice conept, survival, with a few bullets, and you run around like a maniac finding bullets if you run out. But that's it. Nice concept, done by many before. It is still a bad game for an indie game. These types of games are what's giving made with Unity games a bad reputation. You can make good games with Unity, you can also make crap like this one.

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xvil33 Jan 26 @ 10:07am 
Glad to see you guys continue supporting this great and funny game.