John Caveson
Justin Bue   California, United States
I'm not trading the Pan, so don't even ask. Sorry.


I am a red-headed 22 yr old guy who enjoys his fair share of shooters, as well as other games that catches his interest. So if you see me around, feel free to say hello.

I have my own Steam Group:

As well as a Youtube channel:

And Twitch Channel:

I am also a former Moderator for the Official SPUF Server (currently defunct).

I'm John Caveson, we're done here.
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Bellman 2015年4月21日下午9:08 
No Kunai no skill :P
John Caveson 2014年10月29日下午9:26 
To you too! :spycon:
Brintlo 2014年10月24日下午8:27 
:pumpkin::ccskull::ArmdZombie::nftd_frightening2:!!!hAPPy hALLOWEEn!!!:nftd_frightening2::ArmdZombie::ccskull::pumpkin:
Brintlo 2014年9月16日下午4:27 
hi,when ive time lets play tf2!
Brintlo 2014年6月8日上午11:29 
good player!
daddinG 2013年8月14日上午5:18 
That seems to be the general consensus