Fairfield, California, United States
Im out here just chillin.
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Age: 23
Ethnicity: Filipino/Spanish/Chinese
Games: CSGO/Apex/OSRS/TF2
Interests: Basketball, Hiking, Indoor rock climbing and anime/manga.

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Feel free to add me :golden:
Tawn Bomb Jun 8 @ 4:07pm 
My sign is vital
Superman Jun 8 @ 11:06am 
Or are we dancer?
Tawn Bomb Jun 7 @ 10:43pm 
Are we human?
mai May 12 @ 3:15pm 
damn gurl can i get your number
Julie May 12 @ 3:11pm 
+rep would bang without a condom on
Tawn Bomb Apr 4 @ 4:57pm 
+rep can suck the chrome off a bumper