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2QuiCK Oct 4 @ 7:21pm 
-rep is poor.
PurpleOldMaN Oct 3 @ 5:43pm 
libtard alert, add me nigler
jLiGhTzw0w Sep 27 @ 6:19pm 
@z Waz so you calling me a "demon" and an "abomination" cause I let it slip I was homosexual..?? yeah just a typical liar. I hope your gf does kill you. yeah career 8rws. good for you.
z Waz Sep 27 @ 4:01pm 
What are you talking about dude lmfao. Never said either of those words.. my gf would kill me (and im not racist or homophobic). You're definitely thinking of someone else hahaha.

And here you go: https://play.esea.net/users/1503992/records
jLiGhTzw0w Sep 27 @ 11:18am 
@z Waz so you calling me homophobic slurs and the "N" word isn't racist? and no you couldn't be.
z Waz Sep 27 @ 10:01am 
-rep toxic racist who is 7rws in esea. refuses to admit i could actually be an A with 11-12 avg rws