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Joell Joelly, Male, 22, Pastafarian. 🐎 Magic Pony Land
Hi, I'm Joell Joelly and I'm the creator of
Panda's Corner :pandafu: and its Discord! :chat: []
:ZAT_Safe_Room: Feel free to add me on both platforms! :magxd:
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My Website
:ourplanet: Click here to find my website on the world wide web. []

About Me. :uritona::blue:
:metroquestion: 22, Male, Dutch, Badge Crafter, Amateur Game Critic, Milkshake license holder. []
:metroquestion: I love to Cook, Draw, Play Video games & Shit Post :B1:
:metroquestion: I used to be known as ''Panda Waifu''
:metroquestion: I'm a pastafarian. Glory to the flying pasta monster :D:
:metroquestion: Extremely active on the steam community. (Guides, Activity, Groups & More)
:metroquestion: Feel free to contact me for any business related affairs. :B1:
:metroquestion: Account created on : 26th of June, 2011. []
:metroquestion: Proud Owner and Admin of '' The Panda's Corner '' Steam group.
:metroquestion: Take a listen to my fake radio station for GTA V: Here.
:metroquestion: Begging or asking for free stuff = Being removed!
:metroquestion: I don't add people with private profile or below level 8.
:metroquestion: My favorite game OST can be found : Here.
:metroquestion: Achieved Level 100 Status on 22-05-15 @ 18:19 GMT+1.
:metroquestion: I'm Number 714 on the Steam Worldrank on 22-05-15 @ 20:20 GMT+1. []
:metroquestion: My wishlist can be found here! :shoppingspree:
:metroquestion: I sexually identify as a bag of 13 mini's kitkat cheesecake.
:metroquestion: Shoutout from Unlce Larry Here.
:metroquestion: My Reviews: Ep. 1. - Ep. 2. - Ep. 3.
:metroquestion: Get my android app here! [] (Joelly Player Beta)
:metroquestion: My comment box is not for funny stuff.

My Socials & Contacts. :AwesomeBorn:
:particledata: Speedrun . com : JoellJoelly []
:particledata: YouTube : Joell Joelly.
:particledata: Instagram : JoellJoelly []
:particledata: Social Club : JoellJoelly. []
:particledata: Battlenet : JoellJoelly#2179
:particledata: Discord :
:particledata: Epic Games : JoellJoelly

Anime stuff I've seen :selphinehappy:
:3: Nichijou. ✓
:3: Watamote. ✓
:3: Dragon Maid. ✓
:3: AnoHana. ✓
:3: Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles. ✓
:3: Kill me. Baby. ✓
:3: Aho Girl. ✓
:3: karakai jouzu no takagi-san. ✓
:3: Plastic Neesan. ✓
:3: Yuru Camp.△ ✓
:3: Himouto! Umaru-chan. ✓
:3: Gabriel DropOut. ✓
:3: Denkigai no Honya-san. ✓
:3: Working. ✓
:3: Blend S. ✓
:3: Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai. ✓
:3: Joshiraku. ✓
:3: K-on. (S1) ✓

Anime im currently watching :sritona:
:magxd: FMA Brotherhood.
:magxd: K-on. (S2)
:magxd: New Game!.
:magxd: Daily life of highschool boys.
:magxd: Little Witch Academia.
:magxd: Yuri Yuri.
:magxd: Tsurezure Children.
:magxd: Azumanga Daioh.
:magxd: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.
:magxd: Servant x Service.
:magxd: Non Non Biyori.
:magxd: Amanchu.

My Laptop Hardware Specifications. :pcrace:
:crt: Operating System - Windows 10 x64 :madeintropico:
:crt: CPU - Intel Core I5-3230M @ 2.60GHz :madeintropico:
:crt: GPU - Nvida GeForce GT 730M w/ 2 GB VRAM :madeintropico:
:crt: Screen Resolution - 1600x900 60Hz Refreshrate :madeintropico:
:crt: Other - 1 TB HDD :madeintropico:

Squad 4. :fistbump:
:VC_SNIPER: Sniper - Slightly. :mkb:
:VC_TANK: Tank Pilot - Pardodore. :lt_tank:
:VC_SHOCK: Shock Trooper - ChokoKing. :mkb:
:VC_SCOUT: Scout. - Joell Joelly. :mkb:
:VC_ENGINEER: Engineer. - Ominous~of~The~Larc. :theShipWrench:
:VC_LANCER: Lancer. - Cousin Matteo The Douchebag. :rockt:

The Best Quotes :duranceleft::duranceright:

''Find out how much you're worth! then add 21% TAX to it.''
~ Jack Walters 2012.

"I have had several gay experiences"
~ Alan McNeil 2013.

''You're my Meat and i Wanna Give you a good ol' rub''
~ DeliciousHotSchmoes 2014.

''You're the Waifu Steam needs''
~ Onion 2015.

''I have a crush on your gta character''
~ COSMIC pepe 2017.

"Mama always said the gta online lobby was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
~ Jeff Jeffy 2018.

"Everyone wants me dead including myself."
~ Matt E G 2019.
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It sure was nice of bowser to invite us to do some DoomsDay Heistin ayyy mario?
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Getting low.
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Created by - Joell Joelly
625 ratings
This guide will explain how to get an empty public session in GTA Online, perfect for CEO Crates, Car sourcing and MC Clubhouse jobs.
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Play as me: Panda Waifu in Crypt of the NecroDancer
Created by PepsiBloom for Me!

Inspired by kenny panda from ken ashcorp :3

Created by - Joell Joelly and pep
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