Joey Waffels
Chief Of Gaeta Police

18:36 - Nom Nom Queen: well ... if its a bait .....
18:36 - Nom Nom Queen: why doesn´t the trap snap ?
18:33 - Mr Improbable: because thats the trap
18:33 - Mr Improbable: its not the trap snap thats the trap
18:33 - Mr Improbable: its the trap after the trap snap
18:33 - Mr Improbable: so the trap snap trap
18:33 - Mr Improbable: and that WILL snap
18:37 - Nom Nom Queen: .............................................................
18:37 - Nom Nom Queen: wot
18:33 - Mr Improbable: and boi when the trap snap trap snaps, you're done
18:37 - Nom Nom Queen: ....

21:26 - Konichiwa Senpai-San !!!: imps the child rapist
21:26 - Konichiwa Senpai-San !!!: or child eater
21:26 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: i am a vampire, not a rapist
21:26 - Konichiwa Senpai-San !!!: one of those
21:27 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: theres a very clear difference
21:27 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: i violate your body, then your sou- wait
21:28 - Konichiwa Senpai-San !!!: .-.
21:27 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: ....
21:28 - Konichiwa Senpai-San !!!: ........................................
21:28 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: i dont penetrate their body, no wait fangs
21:28 - Mr Improbable LFP open/midHLsub: ....

22:32 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: he´s still not a soldier main
22:32 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: LIKE ME
22:32 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: NO ONE IS ME
22:32 - Teddy: but
22:32 - Teddy: you are you
22:32 - Teddy: someone is you
22:32 - Teddy: call the police
22:33 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: WHAOOAWUIPHEIPAWUpwa
22:33 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: *head explodes*
22:40 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: what if me is me but at the same time me is not me
22:39 - Teddy: but then
22:39 - Teddy: who is you
22:40 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: huh
22:40 - Kalinka Enthusiatist: you ?
22:40 - Teddy: it could be you
22:40 - Teddy: it could be YOU
22:40 - Teddy: it could be ME
22:40 - Teddy: it could EVEN BE *head explodes*


17:35 - hondjo: ur the edgies mofo i know
17:35 - hondjo: edgiest

22:41 - Mr Improbable LFP mid subs: I wish i wrote down all my deeds somewhere
22:41 - Mr Improbable LFP mid subs: so i could sum it all up in a review
22:44 - ??—: cringe compilation ????
22:42 - Mr Improbable LFP mid subs: a battle of wits with a door, digging up a corpse to have a philosophical debate, seducing a chicken, bringing my bones to a lizard prostitute, sharing drinks with a hammered elf, soaking my chair instead..

Joseph killed Zohan with ambassador.
*DEAD* Zohan : PRo
(Voice) Lobstopus: Thanks!
*DEAD* Zohan : #####PRO SPYYY
(Voice) sirampy: Spy!
Zohan : #SKILL
*DEAD* Joseph : #ProGenji
Zohan left the game (Disconnect by user)

18:56 - Mr Improbable: went from aww to OH SHIT to FUCK ME to OH THANK GOD in less then a second

21:43 - JoeHurr: you make me want to play borneo
21:43 - JoeHurr: but no
21:43 - JoeHurr: i plunder da booty now
21:44 - MattJay Scrim? Mid/high: I genuinely thought you meant that you were getting laid
21:44 - MattJay Scrim? Mid/high: but then I remembered
21:44 - MattJay Scrim? Mid/high: you play in my team

21:47 - JoeHurr: but then i´d have to move my vodka shrine
21:47 - JoeHurr: nah im good
21:47 - MattJay Scrim? Mid/high: slav problems
21:47 - JoeHurr: ifkr

14:14 - Gannex | Ed home for xmas: that moment when ur fucking a pregnant girl and something grabs your dick

14:05 - Mr Improbable is now Online.
14:09 - JoeHurr: good afternoon, i have a very logical question
14:09 - Mr Improbable is now Away.

"Everything you say is legendary" - Le MattJ.
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Season 17 Euro Iron Soldier - eLeFanT 4th place
Season 18 Euro Steel Soldier - eLeFanT 10th place
Season 19 Euro Iron Soldier - Master Rusemen DROPPED
Season 21 Euro Steel Sniper - Girl Scout Dropouts 6th place
Season 22 Euro Steel Soldier - UgCatz 6th place
Season 23 Euro Silver Soldier - Church of gaeta.rodrigues 5th place
Season 24 Euro Silver Soldier - Church of gaeta.rodrigues 2nd place
Season 25 Euro Platinum Sub - Church of gaeta.rodrigues


Highlander Season 10 Open Soldier - Master Rusemen 23rd place
Highlander Season 11 Open Soldier - Team Amaze-Balls v3 DROPPED
Highlander Season 12 Open Multi-Class Sub - Pregame Tryhards 23rd place
Highlander Season 13 Open Soldier - UgCatz 14th place
Highlander Season 14 Mid Soldier - Divided Assembly 5th place
Highlander Season 15 Mid Sub Soldier - Divided Assembly 3rd place
Highlander Season 16 High Sub Soldier - Divided Assembly


Highlander Season 1 Soldier/Sniper - Divided NAssembly 3rd place
Highlander Season 2 - Divided NAssembly



Season 25 Open Pocket - Drunk_Droppers 57th place
Season 26 Open Scout - PEACEKEEPERS 52nd place
Season 29 Low Roamer? - Magyar Removal Unit 33rd place (lol)

Season 3 - Divided Pansembly



Season 14 - Deser4s

PROLANDER Prolander One Day Cup - Divided A7mbly EU Season 1 - Divided A7mbly

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17:55 - Mr Improbable: get big ass pillows
17:55 - Mr Improbable: throw at window
17:55 - Mr Improbable: blanket over it
17:55 - Mr Improbable: fin
17:55 - JoeHurr: nah cuz them my mom will be bitchin again
17:55 - Mr Improbable: get big ass pillow
17:55 - Mr Improbable: throw at mom
17:55 - Mr Improbable: blanket over it
17:55 - Mr Improbable: fin
17:56 - JoeHurr: is now your solution to every problem a big ass pillow ?
17:56 - Mr Improbable: yes
17:56 - Mr Improbable: bigger problem, bigger pillow

DSR | GoldDigger: but i can bragg that i have the only non toxic czech in whole steam as a friend

22:00 - Mr Improbable LFP mid+ hl demo: the sound makes me wet

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