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I am currently being impersonated, I am not advertising middleman services nor am I trading CSGO knives. I also do NOT verify items, it is impossible and always a scam!
If you send me a friend request, write a comment on my profile informing me why you wish to add me. Please see below for more information in my Showcase.
I am currently at Level 53 .
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Welcome to the Steam Profile of JIn&Tonic
If you send me a friend request, write a comment on my profile informing me why you wish to add me.

** I currently have an impersonator , please be sure to verify that the person you are speaking with is actually me. Check the person's SteamRep, and if they don't have a Green shield, report them. **

Owner of Harpoon Gaming [www.HarpoonGaming.com] ⇋HG⇌

Notes about Impersonating and Trading

Always check to make sure it's actually me.

This can be done by going to the official Harpoon Gaming Discord [discord.gg], I have the Owner tag there, and can confirm via chat.

1) I speak English.
2) My typing is not illegible, I take time to type my words out and will correct them if I make a mistake.
3) I can confirm my identity using HG.
4) I am in the HG Admins and HG Staff groups. As well as admin in the HG group.
5) My displayed badge is "Game Industry Guardian" which means I have over 1000 games.
6) My fourth custom profile showcase is "Game Collector" and the games are: Arkham City, Civ 5, Monaco and Prison Architect in that order.
7) I have a SR Green Shield indicating I am a HG Admin.

Harpoon Gaming

I own Harpoon Gaming. Feel free to sign up on our forums [www.HarpoonGaming.com].

Just click on any of these links or type "connect Address name" in Console without the quotations.
Example: connect alltrade.harpoongaming.com

Harpoon Gaming's All-Trade Server:
Harpoon Gaming's Unusual Server:
Harpoon Gaming's Minecraft Server:
Harpoon Gaming's L4D2 Server:

Harpoon Gaming is proud to be partnered with SteamRep [www.steamrep.com]
A helpful tool that anyone can use to reduce their chance of being scammed.

We are also featured on http://www.rep.tf
An easy way to check a player's reputation throughout various trading communities.

If you got banned on the server, you can add me and discuss it. I only ask that you be understanding and civil.

Friend Requests

If you send me a request, please write a comment on my profile informing me while you wish to add me.

Please do not add me if:
1) You are going to beg for items.
2) You are going to ask for staff.
3) You are going to complain about a denied Staff app.
4) You need an admin in server, please see the Staff List [forum.harpoongaming.com].

Otherwise, send me an invite and I'll get to it as soon as I can.
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Harpoon Gaming - Public Group
Welcome to the Official Steam Group of Harpoon Gaming!
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adding cuz of a prize
The Spanish Inquisition Sep 3 @ 11:27pm 
Woah is that THE Jin&Tonic, that's badass, hope you're doing good!
Zenzile Jun 30 @ 6:22pm 
Added about some rep / middleman questions
mf sad May 16 @ 1:48pm 
Added to talk about a ban from a while ago.
Manic Apr 20 @ 5:06pm 
giving the breaknecks (you can ditch me after)
Nadir45 Apr 12 @ 12:43pm 
Best server series