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I like people commenting on my profile plsh do that ;_;

I'm clearly a knoob who watches amine :/

I missus yew..~
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"Low elo turbo giga cancer kid" -MagickGlory
I’m sorry, you pasty, pale, smoking philosophy grads, arching your eyebrows into a Cartesian curve as you watch the human movement mob winding their way through the miniature traffic cones of their existence. You are wrong and they are right. Well, you’re half right. You think, therefore you are, but also you jog, therefore you sleep, therefore you’re not overwhelmed by existential angst. You can’t be Kant, and you don’t want to be.

If we stay idiots, we’ll be manly men
Is that our common sense and the lack thereof?

She was breaking my bones when I was bursting their noses

Edsysds /A/ <SteelSeries>: ny o awikkaa
Jimiwaa: jjk
Edsysds /A/ <SteelSeries>: laskee tapot paljo assy jonnei o hetytetty

Poweri :3 #ARMY ;-;: Miks vaihat namaee kokoaja :D
Voisit olla Jimivaa ;-;


Jimiwacooot♥: meidän tanssissa on antti tuiskun keinutaan
Jimiwacooot♥: >.<
Poweri :3 #ARMY ;-;: Ayy :D
Poweri :3 #ARMY ;-;: Meille vaan sanotaa et "ette keinu jonossa, ette ole Antti Tuiskun konsertissa!"

Miks late ja mikke aina baittaa -.-
Cucumber Moped
powarr meow

11.03 - typerykset jotka polttavat pilve: joo
11.03 - King Miguru: ei
11.03 - King Miguru: vittu ei
11.03 - typerykset jotka polttavat pilve: jjoo
11.04 - King Miguru: vittu

Emily is away: There aren't different ways to win, there's just different ways to lose.

I'm anime~desu kek xd memes

When in the teepee, cover your pee pee

Jimi is pretending to be cute, but that boy is the most savage guy here. "Kuukyo - 2017"

Edgy or just rough around the edges~

Die or be died. "King Miguru - 2018"

Poweri :3: Varmaa viime seasonilla sää bannasit malzia
Poweri :3: mut nyt susta tuli dirty malzahar picker ittestäst
Poweri :3: smh

Vittuku on perseestä juosta täydel mahal tai vähäl mahal "Late - 2018"

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Блян May 2 @ 8:05am 
Happy Birthday, Jimi! Sorry for being late.
Rigel Apr 10 @ 8:42am 
Ei vittu pakko sanoo et oon kyl kova fani! :D Katellu sun AWP-pelaamista pro-peleissä aika paljo ja pakko sanoo kyllä et oot ihan saamerin hyvä sillä aseella. :D Ois kiva päästä sun kanssas pelikentille, mut se ei varmaan sulle kävis? :D Ois mahtavaa jos kävisit "signaa" mun profiilin, ni voin kavereille vähän lesoilla!
Myboy1 Mar 17 @ 1:20pm 
Miksi olet niin söpö ;_; OwO
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Блян Jan 1 @ 4:18am 
Onnellista uutta vuotta sinulle!
Nikki ♥ Dec 24, 2017 @ 10:51am 
Merry christmas to you aswell!