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Takes out his frustration from getting bullied in school out on his friends in minecraft. Sad!
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Hey there [friends / guys / dudes] it's your boy, your dude, your bro, epic Admiral Aspergers back at you with another episode of Grand Theft Auto Five gameplay, today we're doing an epic troll of the noobs in Los Santos and Blaine County. Now, before we go to the clip we've got a word from our sponsors - it's audible today, audible is the best source for audiobooks, not that I read, 'cos reading is for noobs, but if you're a noob I suppose you'd like it.
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Anyway, here we are in Los Santos and we're got three stars, y'know, and there's a meganoob up ahead. Here we are in an insurgent, and look up ahead, a level two just came out of a liquor store we're going to epic awesome destroy him RIIIGHT after one more message. Remember to like, share and subscribe - and also to click that little bell button to enable notification, you know how it is. Anyway, I continue: Look at this, look at this, look at this: BAM he's been slammed into a fine red mist after our awesome and epic insurgent SPLATTERED him!! Anyway, that was the video today: Remember that you should certainly like, subscribe, checka check out the epic audible link in the description. Use code, "rape" for 6 years off of your life, 'cos my boys will beat you to death if you read books like some fucking loser. That's all.
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