Jaymes   Taranaki, New Zealand
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JiNxZiE_
Currently - Waiting to find a way out of this flesh prison
Achievement Showcase
Avg. Game Completion Rate
PC Specs - The Dino
Memory - 8GB HyperX DDR4
GPU : GTX 960 Turbo Geforce
CPU - Intel i5-6400@ 2.70HZ
Ram : 8gb HyperX Fury

Keyboard : Ducky 2 ONE RGB
Mouse : EC2-B Divina-Blue
Headset : HyperX Cloud Flight
Mouse pad : Playmax Surface X3
Monitor : AOC Freesync G2460PF @ 144hz
Monitor #2 : AOC LED e2450Swh @ 60hz

-CGA- 1NE - [Someth1ng, Triplus, Swell, ?, JiNxZiE] active
-CGA- 1NE - [Poccket, Triplus, Jiv, Jett0s, JiNxZiE] Inactive
-CGO- Rice.co - [Poccket, Triplus, InferNo, Jett0s, JiNxZiE] Inactive
-CGA- Juiced - [Cr4sh, Rixo, Mke, Jett0s, JiNxZiE] Inactive
-CGO- Ecliptix - [Cr4sh, Retro, Mke, Jett0s, JiNxZiE] Inactive
I V E R S O N Jul 11 @ 1:04am 
signed by iverson (pro player for vox eminor)
cewcumber Jul 4 @ 2:07am 
signed by yours truly -
EdgyAspen's Snowglobe Mar 30 @ 6:45am 
my mate needed to do em too, tryna help him :)

gl in lpl
EdgyAspen's Snowglobe Mar 30 @ 2:47am 
stop playing danger zone

you keep bullying me every game and im losing my damn mind

surely there is an lpl game you can attend to
Mister Meyeah Mar 19 @ 4:56am 
mate good game i had 41 kills and still lost
mamba mentality Jan 29 @ 5:28am 
+rep cool guy, awesome attitude & even better aim