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Aleksey   Russian Federation
Imagine getting jumped by some steam niggas and one of them says:
"For any questions feek free to ask :steamhappy:"

I do not have any alternative or "vault" accounts. If someone claims to be one of those then he is an impersonation scammer!

Tip of the hats 2018 : donated 160.20$ in total


My backpack.tf profile :


Please stop adding me regarding the impersonators problem. I cannot do anything with it outside of warning you about it, which I just did. I reported each of them many times, even outside of Steam, but it just doesn't seem to change anything...
If you got scammed by one of them then it is entirely your fault.

Before adding make sure to leave a comment on my profile. And make sure you behave properly while negotiating.

If you got a private profile and are willing to add me for trade then you will be blocked instantly.

Send your trade offers here (шлите свои предложения обмена сюда):

I block all experienced lowballers. Make sure not to waste our time there.

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Rinn Feb 18 @ 9:23pm 
Interested in cloudy moon brim.
Kemo B>Trading Cards Feb 17 @ 3:02pm 
added 4 trade
Pineapple Pizza the Second Feb 13 @ 3:47am 
Hey, I've been searching everywhere desperately for an Eldritch Opening Sinner's Shade; is yours for sale?
ascension Feb 11 @ 12:46pm 
gimme that mo horn :frogleft::frogright:
-GoV- Pixxi0us Feb 10 @ 5:22am 
added to ask something
ϟ ☠Lunarium☠ Feb 8 @ 3:30pm 
+rep Bought Unusual hat to kill for (Galactic Gateway) through paypal. They went first and trade was smooth!