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Personal Achievements

First Praying

Prayed to the Goddess for the first time in single player mode.

Warrior of the Goddess

Offered a total of 3000G to the Goddess in a quest in single player mode.

Victory 30

Became 30 times the True Hero in multiplayer mode.

Hard Hero

Cleared Hero 300 in Hard Mode.

Kind Hero

Cleared "Cursed Hero" without defeating Sasha.

Charisma Hero

Allied with all available NPCs.

Hero 30

Cleared Hero 30.

Hero 300

Cleared Hero 300.

Hero 3

Cleared Hero 3.

Equipment Collector

Got all available equipment in single player mode.

Multi Ending Master

Reached every ending in Hero 30.

Title Master

Received every title.

Ned Kelly's Revenge

Obtain Barrel Armor and Barrel Head

Forever Alone No Longer

Get a companion to join you.

Amateur Evil Slayer

Beat the first 9 levels of Hero 30.

30 Second Moobs

Eat 10 types of food.

McHero's Navy

Ride a ship.

Not Just a Series of Tubes

Play online multiplayer.

Do You See What Happens, Larrie?

Defeat Larrie and beat Level 4 in 27 seconds or less.

A Real Hero and a Real Human Being

Beat every level under the target time.

A Poor Carpenter Blames the Tools

Beat the final boss of Hero 30 using the Wood Sword as a weapon.

Love the Smell of Evil in the Morning.

Beat the first five levels of Classic Evil Lord 30

Diablito Supreme

Beat Classic Evil Lord 30

A Peach of a Player

Beat the first five levels of Classic Princess 30

Strong Female Role Model

Beat Classic Princess 30

Squire? I Hardly Know Her!

Beat the first five levels of Classic Knight 30

Alignment: Lawful Good +30

Beat Classic Knight 30

BFFN: Best Friends For Now

Play a multiplayer match with a friend

Synchronized Slaying

Play a multiplayer match with 3 other friends.

The Body is the Ultimate Weapon

Defeat any three Evil Lords wearing no equipment.

Oy, to ne vecher

Defeat any five Evil Lords with one hit.

Legalize it Already

Beat Hero 30 without using herbs to heal.

That Took More Than 30 Seconds

Get all achievements in the game.

Gone in 30 Seconds

Record a time on the leaderboards.

Second Place is the First Loser

Win a multiplayer match.