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Personal Achievements

Wish granted

Win a game of trivia.

Life ruined

Lose a game of trivia.

Gone fatal

A character died.


Correctly answer all the questions of a trivia game.

I needed to see what happens

Finish the game twice.


Be trolled by the roulette going back.

See you space princess

Win all of Ava's wishes in one timeline.

Master chef

Turn Sebastian into a master chef.

Doujinshi write themselves

Make Nikola and Lariat go on a date.

I think I know this anime

Win Hector's wish.

Rewriting a classic

Change Shakespeare's ending.

No animals were harmed in the playthrough of this game

Win both Kony's and Oliver's wish.

Anime was a mistake

Mariano's relationship problems.

I wish to be her right now

Make Xiang rich.

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