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Personal Achievements

Teamwork makes the dream work

Win your first Coop Vs AI Match

Matter over Machine

Win 5 Coop Vs AI Matches


Win 50 Coop Vs AI Matches

Make Them Bleed

Win a match as a Slayer

Tank it Up

Win a match as a Tank

Control Their Destiny

Win a match as a Tactician

Push it to the Limit

Win a match as a Pusher

Against All Odds

Win a 1v3 Practice Match

There is no "I" in Team

Win your first PvP Match

Sweet Victory

Win 5 PvP Matches


Win 20 PvP Matches

But There is an "I" in Win

Win 100 PvP Matches

Complete Dominance

Win 1000 PvP Matches

Divine Grace

Unlock a Blessing


Unlock 6 Blessings


Unlock 18 Blessings

Mediator's Protege

Achieve Level 6 in all Domains

The Best Kind of Burn

Achieve Level 6 in the Fire Domain

Fresh Air

Achieve Level 6 in the Air Domain

Wash Away the Pain

Achieve Level 6 in the Water Domain

Bloody Roots

Achieve Level 6 in the Earth Domain


Achieve Level 6 in the Death Domain

A New World

Achieve Level 6 in the Creation Domain

It Begins

Unlock 1 Guardian

The Choice is Yours

Unlock 5 Guardians

Roll for Initiative

Unlock 20 Guardians

A New Strategy

Unlock a Relic for a Guardian

Strategic Options

Unlock 3 Relics for a Guardian

Tome Raider

Unlock 30 Relics

Shake it, Don't Break It

Unlock a Dance for a Guardian


Unlock an Ascended Skin for a Guardian


Unlock 20 Ascended Skins


Achieve Harbinger Level 5


Achieve Harbinger Level 20

Time Well Spent

Achieve Harbinger Level 50

Master of Your Own Domain

Achieve Harbinger Level 100


Complete the Beginner Tutorial