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+ Fluid and dynamic combat
+ Visually appealing
+ Free to Play
++ Enemies have actual variation with different weak spots

- Playing with friends is redundant, cooperation just doesn't matter
- Nothing feels rewarding
- There is no matchmaking: You're new and want to play online as the first few quests recommend? ♥♥♥♥ you. Here's a team of people with literally better equipment who you cannot kill unless they're preoccupied with someone else who's taken off 99% of their health
- Zero explanation of anything the quests ask for, even in the quests which are meant to introduce you to the game.
- Once you play for about 6 hours, you know how the rest of the game will play out, it's just a Shoot & Loot

If you're not having much fun, just stop.
Posted February 25, 2020.
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I preordered No Man's Sky when my heart was bursting with joy that it was coming to PC, I'd watched it through development and the excitement on the devs faces as they discussed bringing a truely remarkable game to us.

Sadly this PC version seems to be littered with issues.

I'll start with the bit that lead me to request a refund so you can stop reading sooner.

- Every 10-15 seconds when a slightly large entity must load, it freeze frames for about 1-2 seconds. The game is still running but you can't see what is happening for 1-2 seconds. This makes combat and flying a massive confusing mess.
- AI pathing is bizzare, avian creatures stop dead in the air and get stuck, animals run up impossible surfaces like Rust.
- Classic texture bug where you walk into a narrow part of a cave and your head goes through the top and you can see through the land. A bug that seems to be in literally every game ever but it annoyed me when it happened.

+ The FOV everyone is complaining about can be changed really really easily in the options menu
+ My starting planet was almost entirely void of the materials needed to repair my ship, this seems to be a relatively unique experience and immediately threw me into a challenge, I liked that.
+ It's gorgeous obviously and it's a technical wonder.
+ Pretty intuative in the right places, complex in areas which should be like learning an alien language.

Steams rating system doesnt go on a 5 star scale so I feel bad for giving this a negative because I really like the premise.
I'd give it a 4.0 if it didn't freeze frames constantly.

I will definitely repurchace once this is fixed.
Posted August 12, 2016.
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Early Access Review
I actually bought this game knowing essentially nothing about it, I saw the art direction and made the presumption that it was by the creators of Prison Architect as I didn't know the name of eithers studio.
Only realised it wasn't when I saw the UI and how you interact with items which is counter intuative and in general to be honest is just bad.

Fantastic premise for a game, I know it's early days at the moment I just hope they reconsider the UI and menus.
Work, Restrict, Assign and Animals should all be under one tab with each catagory listed as a drop menu like the architect tab. This would leave room to spread out the Architect tab which covers one hell of a lot of content. If you're going to take inspiration from Prison Architect, you might aswell copy aspects of the UI as they pretty much nailed it.
I'm also finding it a serious pain to instruct my humans, they seem to flat out ignore some items and never bother with some jobs even if it's their only available task.

All that said, Rimworld already has a lot of content which I'm far from delving all the way into, it presents very real challenging aspects and once the initial hardship is out the way it bends you over and takes you to brown town.

Reccomended to those who like a good honest survival challenge.
Posted July 23, 2016.
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Fantastic box set for party games, easy to invent drinking games for too! Drawful is always hilarious, the more people who play the funnier it gets
Posted May 16, 2015.
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