Reverend Jesse "V92" Vanover   California, United States
"I'm your huckleberry."
- Doc Holliday

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This is a big pack of real-world & personal logos for train building. You can use these with E2, submaterials, or material paths.

I would recommend the Extended Spawnmenu add-on to
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Created by - V92
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Created by - V92
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A guide on a variety of issues caused by people doing things wrong, and how to fix them. It's an evolving work in progress. Updated 2018-10-19
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Dead Presidents/PoW: Admin, 2011 - Present
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V92 Jan 27 @ 5:26am 

Sounds interesting. Send me some examples because I'm curious.
Sgt Stacker Jan 26 @ 7:02am 
Hello, I've been developing an SP Army Men mod for SMOD for a while and I was wondering if you'd be alright with sending me vmfs of some of the maps you have. If you're interested I can show you some of the progress I've made on this, what the mod's really lacking right now is an official map or two.
nog (merto) Jan 11 @ 9:24am 
May I add you to have easier messages.
nog (merto) Jan 11 @ 6:20am 
For the lambda resistance, Like a helicopter pilot. Mostly a helicopter pilot but you can add a plane. I was thinking of adding some like.. Civil protection gear to it. But thats your choice depending on if you do it.
V92 Jan 10 @ 4:58pm 

Pilot for what?
nog (merto) Jan 10 @ 11:37am 
Hi! I would like to suggest making a rebel pilot. Like a headset , resperaitor or gas mask. Probably with a helmet or hat! If you decide you wouldent want to make it I understand.