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If I added you, it's either about mod stuff or I thought you looked like a friendly person. Usually the former.
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I'm your huckleberry.
- Doc Holliday

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- Be respectful. Respect goes both ways, and I reflect the attitude I'm given.
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- Don't say you want to talk about "my mods" and refuse to talk openly.
Reverend V92 Feb 23 @ 3:56am 

Because like a lot of people who make stuff, I tend to go back and look at things I made in the past with a sense of hatred. That being said, I made them public again and removed that endorsement.

Turns out the guy who made the other one is a massive transphobe and all-but-openly admits to wanting them to die, so ♥♥♥♥ him.
Zelus Feb 22 @ 6:57pm 
Hello, why did you remove your Telekinesis Hands mod from the search? Your one is still superior in that it includes a physgun version
Sportsfreak Feb 17 @ 11:16am 
Thank you, I'll show you the gamemode when it is finished.
ANIMAL MOTHER Feb 17 @ 8:23am 
yee, to you to, Things have always been going good for me :MCCSWORD:
Reverend V92 Feb 17 @ 8:21am 

I've been a lot of things. Hope things have been going well for you yourself.
ANIMAL MOTHER Feb 17 @ 7:57am 
same all I remember about you is you probably used to be a pony person