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Before we trade, please check that you're dealing with the real me.
Before we trade, please check that you're dealing with the real me.
I DO NOT have any negotiation accounts, discussion accounts, storage accounts etc.

:BlueSapphire: Trade Link :brarrow: Trade Link

My discord: JerryBicepz#9578

Before we trade, please check my steam registry date to avoid being scammed.
My registry date is 23 November, 2017

Some basic rules for traders!

:BlueSapphire: I rarely do small trades, as the profit margin is way too small and I will be wasting my time. I keep playskins as adds/filler skins for bigger trades.

:BlueSapphire: If you have a private inventory, your invite will be ignored.

:BlueSapphire: I prefer you add me to discuss, but you can just send an offer too!

:BlueSapphire: When trading with me please be respectful, and I will respect you too.

:BlueSapphire: Please do not beg for items, I have no tolerance towards that and will block you.

:BlueSapphire: Please don't try to scam me, I know all the scam methods out there and you'll just be wasting both of our time.

Thanks for reading and good luck trading!
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PewPewLewPew Aug 7 @ 10:33am 
yes, this guy is really good. Amazing player. So much fun!
swagieZj Jun 11 @ 12:10am 
Signed by official swaggieS
Robin Apr 29 @ 6:09pm 
Sick plays, sicker skins!
Beni Mar 4 @ 10:55am 
Sanedraned Feb 17 @ 7:28am 
He be dibbi dabi dozitastic baby my friend. +rep
Jerry Feb 16 @ 3:33pm 
Signed by the real Jerry (Jerry Lewis)