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I am human.
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Imagine that you are playing a game, you are not having fun. You are yelling at the top of your lungs and throwing things out your window. You are probably playing dota. Highly recommended.
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evan 2 dic 2018, ore 15:02 
+rep nice guy
LimeB 14 ott 2018, ore 15:15 
+rep, nice and fair trader!!
Scooby 10 lug 2018, ore 7:06 
+rep nice trader
ஜ۩DiEGӨ ♛ SiLVA۩ஜ 9 lug 2018, ore 17:12 
+Rep , nice trader !! GG
Uchiha Dynasty 22 giu 2018, ore 18:34 
+rep the best guy i ever met
D4N1 22 giu 2018, ore 6:20 
+rep friendly and fast trader